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  1. Why do so many people hate [KISS]?

    I've been in several guilds over the various years. It's how the game seems to work.

    In the last year though, I've watched one of the top end guilds I was in crumble and die, though that's partially because the leader had issues at home to deal with, and the other fact that none of us really were up to picking up the slack or taking over.
    So these formerly high end guilds withered and died. Or got merged.

    So I've been getting bounced around, and I tried ...

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  2. I have another survivor...

    Well, the Let's Play mesmer did it. Survivor with only just henchies - no heroes, and only one mission done with a human buddy (Vizunah Square, I mean). Since I also had her and another mesmer do Vizunah Square with just henchies to get some more footage, this still counts as "just with henchies". Bruce used only henchies there as well, after all.

    The bulk of the XP came from Cantha:
    - missions AND bonusses were achieved there. In Tyria, I had avoided any and all ...
  3. Multiple accounts F*** over.

    I'm not posting this in the main forums because it'll probably be considered a whine thread.
    But I kinda feel the need to post something somewhere.

    Someone I know, and I'm not naming anyone, but I'm sure those who know them know thier situation, has multiple account, most of which were given to them by people who decided to leave the game, but wanted someone to 'keep their seat warm', as it were.

    The end result is someone with access to a lot of accounts. ...

    Updated 10-09-2010 at 11:53 by Noa Brightington

  4. Side-Effects of Antibiotics taken against inflammated bee-stings

    Edit. Apologies for the explosion of nastyness.

    I'm extremely sick right now, with an extreme probability that this was induced by the antibiotics from 2 weeks ago.

    My physician caused a delay of treatment for 2 more days by handing me some homoeopathical remedies on Monday instead of asking for something to send to the lab - even though she then already suspected that it might be a pseudomembranous colitis. She did put that into the file on Monday.


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  5. To the Stars

    by , 15-08-2010 at 17:34 (Interesting Stuff - to me.)
    Today, I put my 15yo dog to sleep. She's the one in my avatar. She had bone cancer that metastasized to her lungs and other organs. Within two days of the diagnosis, she went from being the dog that actively guarded my house (albeit stiffly and a certain lack of menace due to a bad back) to a dog that could no longer walk.

    I shall miss her very much, she inspired some of my writing, especially the wolves in my first long fan fiction. Loyal, noble, brave and swift, she was also beautiful, ...