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  1. The Melancholies of an Assasin

    Well as people say, Nahpui Quarter is one of the more difficult ones to obtain the master reward. Although the situations in the missions are far from impossible it is quite easy to waste time with out a good guide or strategy. Today I just found out how true it is.

    I'm pretty excited to get to Nahpui quarter today, especially i can cap another "potentially useful" elite: Grenth's Balance (tricky to figure out when to use it). I eagerly joined a group and went into ...
  2. The Adventures of Lady Rhonwyn and friends

    by , 21-09-2006 at 13:47 (Lady Rhonwyn's Journal)
    Hey all! I'm back, but this time Rhonwyn gave me permission to write my story here. But she made me promise that I appologize to Rei myself. So, Rei, I'm sorry I called you a fat warrior (even though you are...).

    So, now let's get to business. Yesterday, the people in Tyria have added me to their annals as Protector of Tyria. Remember that I had in Abaddon's Mouth? Well, with the help of Kaei and Right Eye, I managed to help the Vizier to get to his goal. But he wasn't a good ...

    Updated 30-10-2008 at 10:39 by Lady Rhonwyn

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  3. Tom Nook's Journal

    by , 20-09-2006 at 17:43 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    At last....
    Dunes has fallen.
    With only seven seconds left on the clock too.

    \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ ..and the crowd go wild.

    Now do I show off my new Protector title or not?

    What's really strange though is that I am sooo tired, having been up now for 15 hours straight. Yet I breezed though the dunes with a bunch of henchmen like a hot samurai sword through butter.

    I can't hold a proper conversion or tpye correctly, ...
  4. The Adventures of Lady Rhonwyn and friends

    by , 20-09-2006 at 13:01 (Lady Rhonwyn's Journal)
    Ahh, those young people... You give them the address of your blog and they hack themselves in. I've told Chichibu that that isn't the way it works and that she should ask my permission next if she wants to post again. That way I can supervise she won't insult an officer of our guild.

    I'm sorry Rei, but she didn't mean it like that (about you being fat and all...). She just doesn't think much of warriors. Most of them don't want her in parties and talk lightly about her damage ...

    Updated 30-10-2008 at 10:40 by Lady Rhonwyn

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  5. The Adventures Of Jareth Darderian

    This entry I shared some time ago in a GW forum thread about "The Biggest Jerk You Have Ever Met InGame". Well, despite the 69+ pages(!) thread, I felt obligated to share my story as well about Ingame-Jerks
    It's a rather long one, but bare with me, because it's really funny (if you ask me at least). It is about the "power" you posess to excersise over Jerks when the totally rely on you, but fail to realize you are the acctual one "in charge"