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  1. snowkissed's Blog

    Me many months ago: "Oh, I'll never need more extra slots"
    Me now: "Uhhh...I need another slot...I want to play a ___"

    So, I bought another slot and Eliska Snow is born

    It was either going to be an elementalist or a warrior. I asked Aretelio what he thought I should do and he said Elementalist. I'm not completely sure I'm happy with the hair/color combination, ...
  2. Around the World . . . Eventually

    One that strayed too far is now back on track. Only a few short weeks ago, Aleyis nearly broke off from the Wanderers, but now has a new determination to stay. With her faithful minipet, the kirin Constance, she has continued on her journey.

    Early on in that journey, however, her trademark scattered mind betrayed her. While making a brief stoppage in Cantha, she had decided to take on the garb of the locals. But this was so long ago that she had forgotten entirely that she hadn't ...
  3. The Melancholies of an Assasin

    This is the first time I actually played Guild Wars after countless hours of gawking at my friend's hot fem-warrior back in the old prophecy days. It was then that I decided that GW will be the only MMORPG that will worth my time, others will just be there to kill time.

    Well after I bought factions (for the sake of curiosty) I decided I was gonna play one of the new classes. Assasin seems to suit my style of covert operations, so sin it was. Since, I liked to plan my adventures ...
  4. Tom Nook's Journal

    by , 24-08-2006 at 19:28 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    (If the edit function worked, I wouldn't have to post a new entry.)

    Today just keeps getting better.
    To recap:
    Guild Wars:Nightfall has been given a release date
    I correctly predicted said release date
    Next week I get to game with somebody really sweet and I don't see very often

    and just now:

    A mob dropped a sword with a Pommel of Fortitude +25 (not bad)
    I successfully salvaged said Pommel
    A mob dropped
  5. Tom Nook's Journal

    by , 24-08-2006 at 16:16 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    Just a short one.......

    It's time to wrap up my activities in GW:Factions because ANet has today officially announced that Guild Wars: Nightfall will be released on the 27th of October 2006.

    Yikes! That's roughly two months away, I'd better get my skates on.

    It's a shame that Snow and I never did get round to having a competition to guess Nightfalls release date. I wonder what I would have won?