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  1. Ju Smurph's Blog

    Quick funny Story:

    Our Receptionist works under the stair case and my boss calls down to here from the top of the stairs "Wow, i could spit on your desk from here, if i tried real hard i could get it on your keyboard!" Such jests was meet with "ewwwwwww, don't do that".

    As i walk past her desk will this is happening, i pretend to notice a cockroach on the form i just got from the store room and flick it at her. She screams and dives back in her chair. ...
  2. Chloe's Blog

    I went to do the hatchery after work. This warrior guy leading the party was being a general *** to folks (even the coveted monks). When it looked like we may fail, he quit the group leading to a few others quitting which guaranteed our failure. We went again idgit free and did awesome. Near the very end a ritualist and some one else quit (maybe they went linkdead. I don’t see why they’d of quit out of anger). We won anyway and now I have access to the luxon deeper areas. Now I can farm for all ...
  3. Cerulean Niteshadow's Blog

    This morning received word from Fallen that the blogs where now working so I thought I'd give this a try. Thanks Fallen!

    Last night I finished Factions with my Rit (Ciara) and got her her new armor. She is a little wild and went for the Exotic 15K (dyed purple) but did not get the head piece for it. She doesnt like to show the head pieces so she just kept the 1.5K that she already has. She may be exotic, but she is frugel. :wink:

    [CENTER][IMG]http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g237/bmglvnv03/gw054.jpg[/IMG] ...
  4. Ju Smurph's Blog

    Today was so long and i was so tired, good to be home. I have a debate raging in the off topic forum over which is the better desert:

    * Cheesecake
    * Chocolate cake

    Click the link to cast your vote!

    Guild Wars Moment of the Day:

    Found In the forum and else where some great Guild Wars Videos

    *Guild Wars Dances to Music
    *This Amazing piece that must be watched
  5. Ju Smurph's Blog


    I got to leave the office for a few hours to have drinks with the boss, then drive his 2004 Ford GTP back to the office, that was pretty cool considering I'm only 20. A Very Different car to My 2005 Corolla...

    Guild Wars Moment of the Day:
    Reading about the boss named "Hoof Hearted".

    Oh yeah, Friday or Monday... I'm going to be an uncle.