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  1. A GW Experiment with numbers and the HoM part 3

    by , 25-07-2012 at 16:32 (The World of Tyria according to Fae)
    For the past few months I've been doing an experiment in Guild Wars, on the premise of "dead game is dead" I wanted to put this to the test, and just see how alive this 7 year old (6 at the time) game actually is.

    The idea was simple. Find 50 people (making sure, as best I could, they're not the same person) of random passers-by through Lion's Arch International. The only condition was that they were level 20. I also made sure I wasn't getting people with the same guild ...
    Tags: for science!, gw1
    Guild Wars 1
  2. Chronicles of Briar-Lake

    by , 18-07-2012 at 12:18 (Chronicles of Briar-Lake)
    Huzzah! It has actually been over a week since I have said anything. Been kinda busy running the GW/GW2 division of my clan.

    So my newest article is out, and like always I'm whoring it out, give it a read:


    I'm hoping that I can finish off the guide with issue #3, but there is still so much I want to talk about, so issue #4 may be required as well.
  3. Uuuuugh

    The only reason I'm writing this is really because my bed sheets are in the dryer and I can't go to sleep yet...


    So that's how I stand right now, I suppose.

    Norn: done everything.

    Ebon Vanguard: done everything.

    Deldrimor: done everything except A Time for Heroes

    Asura: Done everything except vanquish Verdant Cascades, Alcazia Tangle and Riven Earth.

    Not sure if I can stomach vqing ...
    Guild Wars 1
  4. Back to That Grind, Maybe?

    Hello. It's been a while.

    So, two months ago, I left to Europe to go on a vacation. Which was awesome and relaxing. Now that I'm back, and incredibly uninspired by returning home and to work, I've been just keeping myself busy, grinding away at stuff.

    Here's how I stand:

    Norn: done all missions. Done all dungeons. Vanquished all areas. Have some quests left to complete. ...
    Guild Wars 1
  5. Chronicles of Briar-Lake

    by , 09-07-2012 at 20:55 (Chronicles of Briar-Lake)
    Oh man, am I breaking my one week rule? Eh, who cares, I'm about to whore myself out more anyways!

    This weekend was a busy weekend for me, life and article wise. I had 2 articles on my schedule to complete, and by god I got them done.

    Check them out here:

    A Beginners Guide to World vs World Tactics

    The Guardians Gambit: sPvP Condition Removal Shout Guardian

    Clink the links, read the articles, leave me happy comments. I'll ...
    Tags: guild wars 2, pvp, wvw