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  1. The True Adventures of TRUE

    Glory be! After arming myself with information from a great tutorial video on crafting, I discovered it really wasn't difficult. I discovered I needed to scroll down the "recipe" list until I came to the 'refinements' section. Once I had accomplished this task, I then had finished materials from which I could craft items! Who'd a thunk it? Apparently not me! *grins*

    After getting a number of dyes as loot, I also played around with dyeing my armor. I actually enjoyed ...
    Tags: crafting, dye
    Guild Wars 2
  2. The Pink Gotta Go

    I made this pink blog theme as a way to jokingly illustrate the extent of which people can personalize their blog space, but I think it has run its course. Now just to think of another, more srs bsns, theme. Strict black on white? Guild Wars reds? Gaming Gold on Black?

    I am thinking that I should maybe have a little contest. Yes, a contest! Let's see, gotta make it easy, fun and worth-while.

    So how about you personalize your own blog with a color scheme you think looks ...
  3. My impressions of GW2 Reddit AMA 6 Jun 12

    So, I was reading through the AMA Reddit information from June 6th and there were a few things that caught my interest.

    Q: Are there any plans to add an item preview feature? We've seen it before in games like LOTRO, where you could Ctrl+Right Click to preview an item on your character. It's an important feature for a game to have, and the capability is clearly there, as we've seen with the dye previewing system.

    A: We are working on an item previewer right now. It

    Updated 07-06-2012 at 17:54 by Auntie I

    Guild Wars 2
  4. The True Adventures of TRUE

    The second BWE is about to commence this weekend and many of TRUE will be participating - as they did in the 1st BWE and subsequent stress test.

    Some TRUE members have tremendous focus and have accomplished a great deal in the short time allotted to us. Me? No, can't make that claim at all. I stand around, befuddled and amazed, most of the time. I did, however, manage to discover that 'dead' skill point guy in Beetletun alive and well and snag that skill point! And I did alert ...
  5. GWO Expanding, How to Get the Word Out?

    So, earlier today I boldly sent out a GWO official tweet that we are going to have a recruitment campaign soon. Figured if I threw it out there I put a deadline on myself (sneaky Lensor!).

    I of course have a lot of ideas (so many ideas, so little time - hence the more people needed thing! ), but maybe someone else has some even better ones?

    What I was planning to do:

    1) Advertise for a wider variety of positions (for instance, anyone want to be GWO ...
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