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  1. a view in guild wars 2 in a day

    Guild wars 2 beta weekend event

    Disclaimer: this is all based on personal opinions and personal view, nothing is based on true facts and cannot be linked to experience of other players.

    We’ve all had our chance to play in the guild wars BWE (beta weekend event) and we all have seen the wondrous world in Tyria, while one is out to fight his or her character trough hordes of centaurs and bandits, others go head to head against other players in PvP or WvWvW.
    But since this ...
    Guild Wars 2
  2. What I think about Guild Wars 2

    After a lot of patient trying to connect, I finally got to play Guild Wars 2, after 5 years of waiting. I was pretty sure it would not disappoint me, but a little bit scared it would. And it kind of did.

    I know Guild Wars 2 is to be a 'true MMO', unlike GW1, which was a CORPG more than anything else. The scenery and animations are wonderful, as we can expect from ArenaNet. Everything was polished, combat feels great, if maybe a little bit chaotic. WvWvW was less impressive than I ...
  3. First Impressions

    by , 28-04-2012 at 10:00 (Tom Nook's Journal)
    Beauty, depth, chaos. Those were my first thoughts as I began my foray into the world of Tyria once again. Everything looks great, everything looks big and everything runs around like they're late for a very important date.

    Initially, it was a little confusing. There's no tutorial as such, just pop up boxes in a similar vain to the original Guild Wars; read the text and follow the arrows. I wasn't able to click the ground to move and instead had to rely on keys and both mouse ...
  4. A GW Experiment with numbers and the HoM part 2

    by , 25-04-2012 at 15:55 (The World of Tyria according to Fae)
    A while ago, I made a blog post regarding the claim that no-one plays Guild Wars anymore, everyone has a maxed out HoM and just stands around in Kamadan all day.

    I took the names of 50 passers by in Lion's Arch International one day, making sure they weren't the same person (as best as I could) and making sure they were all level 20. This post is located here.

    What I found this time round was:

    * The person with 0 points still had 0.

    Guild Wars 1
  5. Diablo 3 Open Beta Impressions

    I played a bit of the Diablo 3 Open beta yesterday...I wanted to see if I needed to spend my hard earned cash on yet another game this year. After all there's this little game called Guild Wars 2 coming out shortly! However I do need something to tide me over until it's released. I could re-sub for another few months of Rift, but, hey, D3 Open Beta, how could I resist!

    Summary of experience: Yup, it's Diablo. Just like the last game only prettier. Clicky, clicky all over the place! ...