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  1. Games, Greed and Business models

    Originally posted here http://guildwars.incgamers.com/forum...ront-of-MMORPG
    I thought it deserved a blog post as well, since its an important issue imo.

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    The EA argument drives me up the wall. Aside from my personal experiences with them, the complaints just makes me want to punch every single person complaining. It's not so much that the complaints aren't valid - they often are. But the fact that people still buy the
  2. WTT? (the quest for the sugar)

    Not sure this is worth posting in the Trade Forums, so here goes...

    I have a few Boozeahol points and a few Party points left over - ideally looking to trade them for rough equivalent value in Sweet points. Perhaps someone perusing through might spot it and wish to take up on this offer...

    --- I eventually hit GWAMM. Items are mostly still available if you're after them, and will happily part with them super cheap or free if needs be.


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  3. I like big closets and I cannot lie.

    by , 12-04-2012 at 17:48 (The World of Tyria according to Fae)
    While zapping some blog spam just now I realised "Oh hey, I should write in this thing."

    My GW adventures recently have been quite limited on the actual playing. A few months ago I was pondering getting GWAMM for my Monk and I did this around Decemberish I think. After that I was kinda bored on what to do next. My Ranger was my first GW character but then got neglected when my Ele appeared in December of 2007. Decided to give the Ranger a final hurrah! And give her a bit ...
  4. Dungeons!

    I'm just sort of going to go over all the EotN dungeons for my personal reference and stuff.

    Editing entry as I go along.

    Still chugging away at that Master of the North title, plus the allegiances.

    At the moment, I am r7 Asura, r6 Vanguard, r7 Deldrimor and r6 Norn. I'm kind of worried about where I'll stand when I finish Master of the North, but whatever.


    Some are fun. Some not so much.

    There's two builds ...

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    Guild Wars 1
  5. Dem EotN titles

    As the title may imply because it makes it seem like I am working on something that's not Canthan Vanquisher, I finished Canthan Vanquisher. Also finished Cartographer.

    Anyway, it was a ton of fun to Vanquish Shing Jea. I quite liked Jaya Bluffs, because it lacked Afflicted AND Naga AND Kappa, so it was the easiest. (Not counting Saoshang Trail, haha) Sunqua Vale and Kinya Province were probably the prettiest. I just love Shing Jea so much. It was good to have a purpose to see it up ...
    Guild Wars 1