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Emperor of Cantha, with wife's permission

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Ok, cool... Finished the Zen Daijun mission. My wife and I wanted to do it on our own. Henchmen really made that complicated, though... Hmmm. Maybe I should get Nightfall then, and ditch the henchmen for Heroes?

So we're over on mainland Cantha now, but I'm under orders not to play anymore until we've finished Harry Potter!

And about that Sister Tai... I wish she focused on resurrecting allies a little more.


  1. The Pointless's Avatar
    I think everyone here feels the same about Sister Tai. She's an idiot. An idiot of the highest order.
  2. Qin Li's Avatar
    Yes. Heroes are more configurable as far as skills, weapons, armor, etc. Also a life saver is the ability to set the healers and protectors to avoid combat.

    As much as I admire Sister Tai's courage, I do feel she should stay back and heal. But every time I mention it to her, she gives me that look.