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The Sanitarium

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Ladies and gentlemen,the ascalonian mouse magazine is happy to inform you that the blog owner is not anymore a single player.
At friday 17th of august 2007 the player known as Grave Of Hearts became an ingame husband of a lovely puerto rican girl gamer which her name we will keep a secret
Priest duty was done by Age Freedom,one of the oldest monks around guildwars and longtime friend.
The ceremony was held in the clan hall that grave belongs,and 2 other friends attended it.
A 3rd one missed it by an hour.
Here is a small pic the photographer let out before some special ones are done.

Honeymoon will be spent on Bone Palace,and Palawa Joko himself will organise several margonite hunts for the couple to attend and spend its time.
So leave your wishes if you feel like it


  1. Qin Li's Avatar
    Hm. Don't know what to make of it (in-game or real life?). Regardless. Congratulations.
  2. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I sleep through life.
    I wonder though, should you guys have activated scrimage mode soas to allow the pets to be there as well?
  3. 's Avatar
    :) no worries Grave. Your album should be finished by the end of the week...