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The Sanitarium

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The nice preview weekend ends,a tired night shift for the owner of the blog starts.

Considering the preview weekend was nice and fuzzy,it is also funny how people abuse every chance to get money by selling collectables and other.
So far what i managed to accomplish was 3 ranks of norn 1 rank of deldrimor and almost one rank of vanguard.
Beated Bison,got thunderfists claws AND beated frostmaw's burrows with just heroes and hench on first attempt.
Though for drops i expected a green,i got a diamont and a onyx gemstone.
Lets hope it will be usefull on crafting a fancy armor set in the future.
Now about the crown,i believe it was a nice addition to wear something else besides a scar.


  1. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Hey grave? You doing okay over there? I'm starting to get a bit worried. For those of you that don't know, Grave lives in greece, and right now half the friggin country is burning. No global warming my ***...