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Echovald I

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Gyala Hatchery
I replaced Olias with Tahlkora and pulled stuff instead of aggroing everything in sight. That helped. Henchs died a bit, but none of the heroes.

Tahlkora: Spirit Bond, Dismiss Condi, RoF, Life Sheath (ZB might've been better, dunno), (Aegis - activated it a few times manually), Remove Hex, GolE, (Rebirth)

Gita, Tai, Kai Ying, Aeson the Tank
Norgu, MoW, myself <- all on the same builds as before in the Suxon area.

Ignored the Argo and his turtles first and killed all Kurzicks and respawning Kurzicks, then the smoke thing on the small turtles with the warrior/monk megamob and on the mesmers/necros on the single ambush on the boring way.

I dropped the smoke thing during the afflicted fight on a place that the turtles actually can hit from their position, and lured the afflicted end megamob into the blasting zone.

Oh, btw, Argo died in the first fight he was involved in. That made the tedious journey of the turtles less annoying, as the annoying speech bubbles of Argo ("Kurzicks, a lot of them!" ("where?")) were missing.

FINALLY done with that hellhole.


Oooh. Arborstone isn't going to be fun, and same for the whole Echowald. Rits heal like mad, splinter weapon hurts like mad and can't be shattered, eles kill the henchidiots like mad. Warden mesmers are just evil from the start. And at the same time, the mission timer is ticking. Yeah. GREAT fun. (not.)

Just did Arborstone - up to the Stone Judge and friends. At that point, the Stone Judge killed everyone and seemed to get his conditions removed from the 2 monks, unless I'm very much mistaken. For sure, they used Spirit Bond and Smite Hex (buh-bye minions.)

Okay, why torture myself with GW when there are so many more fun things to do.

I had tried both Tahlkora and Olias on the last hero spot. Olias helped vs Wardens... Tahlkora didn't really cut it vs the first couple of mobs. But if the real issue is going to be the final mob, it should be Tahlkora instead.

Tahlkora edited (no rebirth, aegis at free disposal), worked very well... up to the central hall (taking the middle path, of course.) Then suddenly, the henchs went on strike. Or perhaps there was a bit of "perma area effect" going on and the idiots decided to camp in it.

The fact that I have to carry that useless chamber pot all over the place and am thus reduced in my energy and hench control abilities doesn't help either. Maybe some more melee hate on Norgu instead of uber-interrupting? Hrm...

The chamber pot is SO useless. It only affects "players", that's, in a H+H team: just one person: me. Impediment myself all the time, just so that Danika the Whiner will follow.

Met the mesmer warden boss this time. Good times. -240 energy surge AoE bombs on the henchidiots. The "boost" to Energy Surge in the latest skill screwup isn't of course helping players - that elite is still very much lacking useability - but it helps the HM monsters and the boss cheaters.

Btw, isn't it just sooo characteristic of the Mhenlo sucker: when he actually would be needed, he leaves.

Anyway, I think this team setup would be alright, even up to the Stone Judge mob - if the ranger boss spawns and if I'd manage to stop the idiots from camping in the perma area effect zones and if I'd manage not to pull 2 mobs in the central chamber:

Me - CoP, Backfire (better vs the casters here than diversion), Empathy, MoR, ETap, Efeast, Guilt, Res Chant
Tahlkora - Spirit Bond, Dismiss C, RoF, Life Sheath (disputeable), Aegis, Remove Hex, GolE, Shielding Hands
MoW - Prot Spirit, Sig Lost Souls, SS, Price of Fail, Para Bond, Enfeeb Blood, BR, Res Chant (this one maybe should be replaced with another hex, hm?)
Norgu - Phantom Pain, IoR, Inepti, CoF, PDrain, Leech Sig, Efeast, Res Chant

Jamei, Prof Gai, Eve, Cynn

(I'd prefer to take Lo Sha, but he has Clumsiness on him, and AI can't restrain itself to use all the energy on it.)

... yep.

squeak squeak... horrible voice acting.

MoW - replaced Res Chant with Well of Darkness. Less hard resses, more protection. It helped a lot, like the ward on Kai Ying, actually. Though, just like with the wards, I sometimes had to flag the headless chicken into the well.

27:07 - master reward (wouldn't want to have to do this again just because I missed master reward by 1 second or something... GAH)

Ranger boss spawned = easy (Norgu: Inepti! MoW: Enfeeble! -> Targetcall: the rit. Backfire the rit. Empathy on some goon. CoP Rit to death. Targetcall: one of the eles! etc), even though the mob behind him joined in for some reasons.

A taste of the terror that anet has unleashed?

They should've called it "masochism mode", or "nya nya nya, you PvEers smell bad and asked for it by staying in PvE instead of migrating to our beloved PvP - mode".

The main difference this time was that I dropped the chamberpot whenever fighting something instead of holding it in my hands. The protection of this thing is laughable at best (it seriously only affects the player, not the heroes - so probably also not the henchs or Danika!), so no great loss at all.

Always backfire on the rits, then they go down quite fast (unless they run away). The well was really lovely, I think it deserves a place in MoWs normal build as well: corpse control and protection.

Concerning the Stone Judge: from the middle path (I wouldn't take any other path!), I hugged the left wall a bit and up the path. There 2 more onis appeared and were killed fast. That gave me a spot for the H+H out of range for them to charge stupidly at the whole statue mob, and without being a perma area effect zone.

I flagged the H+H down there, dropped the chamberpot, and longbow pulled the first of the statues. He followed me nicely and went down. The monk statue wasn't so cooperative though, so I had to rush in for that.... backfire helped a lot. Enfeeble and inepti on the stone judge of course... gaah, multitasking once again (control MoW and Norgu and me.) This went actually without any deaths though, IIRC (well, maybe Eve went down, but that's not such a big surprise.)

Does splinter weapon only hurt when the wielder of the splinter weapon actually hits, btw? Never actually used that skill so far.

Echowald is not going to be fun and games, anyway.

Arborstone, explorable
Hm.. the wardens will need a bit of time to get used to. However, backfire on the rit always helps. Sometimes, it helps even more to take out the melees first though. Not yet sure what's the ideal order of priority here.

MoW got his Res Chant back instead of the Well
Tahlkora got replaced with Olias

Jamei => Danika; Cynn => Redemptor Karl.

Alright so far - the wardens are the hardest part of it, with the splinter weapon pain and the cluster of H+H.

But it needs a special kind of monk AI to walk into the "tainted flesh -> draw conditions -> whole team gets diseased"-trap - when the only diseaseable melee in the team is the Flesh Golem. Special anet AI and a male monk brain, I guess.

Ah yes...
4650 Kurzick Faction earned (beats the suxon areas, doesn't it)
304 monsters killed... but the counter in the HM icon and the counter in the popup messages "10 monsters killed!" were asynchron. The popups thought I had killed more, > 315 monsters, that is.

Same team... oh, Norgu is using Power Return instead of Phantom Pain again, already in the explorable above, too.

Ferndale is easy. Not a lot more to say... no need for precise flag management at any time. I entered from HzH; I think that gives a better starting position for the Dredge Plains than the entrance from FA lobby or something.

Onis still are fun to kill, same for the dredge assassins. Assas are so pathetic (1 empathy, and they're down), hehe.

~4k faction earned
232 monsters dead.

The counters were asynchron here, too. Perhaps the popup counts the vampiric horrors of the kirins as "kills", too, while the icon doesn't count these (or resurrected foes.)

I tried that "signet of protection" build in FA 4 times last evening: 3 wins, 1 massive loss.

Quote Originally Posted by Akirai Annuvil View Post
Signet of Protection
Fast casting 10+1
Illusion Magic 10+1
Protection Prayers 11

Dismiss Condition
Shield of Absorption/Spotless Mind/Reversal of Fortune
Signet of Illusions {E}
Resurrection Chant/Spotless Mind/Reversal of Fortune
Auspicious Incantation
Balthazar's Aura/Conjure Nightmare
Divine Boon
Actually, my stats were more like: FC: 10+1, Illu 10+1+2, Prot: 11 (IIRC)

Anyway, yep, that's fun. Ineffective in comparison to a real monk, but I liked my blue +54s and the protection effects. When there was a healmonk around, it worked very well - though, well, uhm, I think the healmonk was the more essential one.

Issues for FA: Res Chant *cough cough*... should be replaced with RoF.

My personal issue: keeping enough energy for the SoI->AI->Balth Aura thing. I got better at it though.

I've also had issues with SoI when I tried some modifications (brought SoI->AI->Heal Party at one point). Heal Party wasn't improved by the signet occasionally. Something was quite unreliable there.

The massive loss in the last battle was NOT my fault. For some bizarre reasons, the whole team engaged the suxons, no one bothered to free a mine. Ah well.

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