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Canthia on a dime

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So here's another attempt at trying to do an entry.
Man I wish some of this stuff wouldn't constantly make me so angry all the time.

"EEEEEHaHaHaHahA! You're one of US now!"
"yeah yeah. Just gimme my friggin candy cane shards"
Little did Noa know, that she was farming for the unknown and elusive Polar Bear mini, but like thousands of others, would be forever denied the handsome bear due to the Grinches having messed with the drop rate.

Anyway, enough doom and gloom on the worldfront, let's hear some doom and gloom on the GW front.
Let's see, this site sucks because of ads, can't get away from them, and even trying to block them is difficult because the adsites keep changing addresses on such a constant basis, my blocklist JUST for this site alone is now the equivalent of 3 pages long.
Wintersday this year was a massive failfest of epic proportions.
Here's what went wrong, as detailed in a post elsewhere.

)Nothing new for this year, except the snowdungen quests, and even then, those were already made, and only available to those who have Eotn.
)Incredibly low drop rate of CCshards in normal play. a 1:20/25 rate.
)The finding and capping of the transport exploit.
Thankfully I was able to use it in time with a couple charas before it got resolved, and also that no one really got banned for it. I actually think it helped the game for a short time. The suckbit though of not being able to take certain quests... wtf? Whatever. I've almost got my necro through to that area legally anyway now. More on that later.
)Massive MASSIVE lag during the events, specifically the present droppings.
)Only two new hats this year, both of which sucked. (the grenth one however got a nice upgrade after the event, so that helped make it suck a little bit less.
The dwana wreath however, needs to have the candles removed)
)The whole polar bear mini fiasco.
Jesus christ... where to begin and end on this one?
What could have been the greatest redeeming factor of the whole event, instead became the capping point of the entire festival of fail that marked the passing of this whole shindig. I could go over each and every point of where this one went wrong, from the initial finding of the bear and it's subsequent denial, to the bit where we were expecting some sort of response on this from Gaile as far as what she talked to the dev team about this, and yet we haven't heard bupkis from them.
Oh... and how the bear fiasco manages to segue PERFECTLY into the new exploit fiasco. 1000e+1200a for a mini?
But there is the 40 page thread on this issue in the main forums, I'm sure that'll speak volumes more then what I could possibly detail here.
Mini Polar Bear Thread (now closed)
At least not without dragging out a thesaurus and looking up how many different variations of 'fail' there could possibly be.
Merry goddamn Xmas to one and all.
)oh, and let's not forget, extremely QUICK removeall of all the wintersday NPCs, but LEAVING all the decorations up for 2 weeks afterwards.
Not to mention the fact that ccs' kept dropping for quite a bit after the NPCs were taken out.

(oh, side note, just to show how much of a suckfest this whole christmas year was? I got put into the gift exchange with cousins. I got someone's name, and someone got my name. Gift limit was 20-30 bucks.
I ended up getting a nifty graphic novel from the comic store that I thought my cousin might like. It's one of the Mynx series, and was a good read for me.
Well... actually I put it off, and ended up giving them MY copy because I couldn't find anything else. But I hoped they would like it.
The one who was supposed to send something for me? Well... they didn't send it until about 3 days ago. Turns out it was a shirt. It cost 20 bucks, as they left the store tag on it, and it's an Iowan something or other shirt.
WHY... the F*** do relatives inSIST on sending me f**ing clothing all the damn time? And not even GOOD clothing? I mean seriously, yes, it's where my relatives live and all, but beyond this last few weeks with this election crap, who the F*** gives a s*** about Iowa? I mean... they COULD have gotten me a shirt from Adventureland or something, the local funpark.
Anyway, I'm gonna ask to have my name taken off the santa exchange for next year. Oh... don't even ASK me how Christmas went at the home. Seriously. The level of suck and fail actually surpassed that which was in game. Thankfully nothing MAJORLY bad happened like house burning or someone dying. But that's about as good as it got.)


Okay, what GOOD came out of this?
Well, I managed to get some goodies, and 2 stacks of the gold presents.
People were camping the present area around Jhim, so trying to get the green ones was hard as hell this time. That and the friggin teleporting grinches made things even worse. On more then one occasion I found a lone package, only to suddenly see a fast moveing green dot on my radar barreling down on me that came out of literally nowhere. And if I didn't have a speedcake on me, it usually ment my present going BOOM.

Grave asked me to pick up a few things for them while hiding out.

After getting presents in Lion's arch, and then porting to grave's district, and picking up their presents, I port to Kamadan, and (hopefully not crash out due to lag) get there in time for more present dropping and picking upping.

Okay, what OTHER good has happened?
Well, I did manage to get my Survivor necro to lutgardis, but... as detailed before, the quest she needs to GET legendary is disabled, probably until she's able to legally be in HzH.
Oh, our clan has gone from one alliance to the next.
We had been in one alliance with CAT, but we left that as that became massively stupid. Lena from Guild Ancestors being the foremost reason for bailing. We went to VILE, who owned HzH, until the top clans bailed.
Then we got stuck back in Altramm ruins again.
That was livable, until our leader decides we need a change, and goes and gets us in an alliance with some other high faction clan, but that has gathered as many suckfest clans as is possible, clans which barely reach the 500k mark in faction, if even that, and we're relegated to Lutgardis, which whenever kurz players in AB start sucking, gets taken over almost right away.
Which is... a LOT.
Thankfully, at the behest of several players, some of whom are ready to bail on our clan, and move to VILE, our leader realizes that this is not the best of moves for us, and pulls us out, and VILE lets us back in thankfully.
THEN... a few weeks later, VILE reforms the alliance, with TRL (the Resurrected Lions) as leader. And the alliance goes downhill.
Okay, here's a sign you're in a sucky alliance. You have to keep the alliance chat off ALL the time.
How bad was it getting? It was getting SO bad, that the leader of VILE, who set up this alliance, PULLED his clan out of it. Now that's BAD.
So we're ready to bail, regardless of if we have another alliance to go to.
Only it turns out, there's a new opening in the alliance that holds HzH!
And bam! we're back in.

Oh Oh! here's the BEST part!
The guild that WAS in the alliance that got booted so we could join?
Guild Ancestors. Lena's clan.
Made my f***ing month right there.
Even better, recently in lutgardis, lena is spamming crap in chat.
I make some comment to which she responds, and then I remember "oh hey, lena! thanks for the spot in the alliance! It's great being back in HzH"
Didn't hear a peep from her after that. Probably because she left, I dunno.

Other things of note, I've managed to maintain a 300k bank now. Ever since I sold off all that christmas stuff before the event, my cash level is nice and fat finally.
I did splurge on a couple things. One of which was a Rube Djinn piece for Polymock. I gave that to grave as a christmas gift, and grave subsequently goes and finally beats Blart with it. Cost me 30k, but was well worth it.
And a bargain compared to the first year christmas gift I gave grave, which was the mini rurik for 75k.
Grave tried farming me a better Mursaat hammer, but... fckers are stingy as hell with that. And trying to run bonder against them just doesn't work.
It's just as well, I hate the fact that you can't get those weapons with inscriptions. But maybe from the zaishen chest I might get lucky one of these days.
As I said, I also have the 2 stacks of presents. Unfortunately, they'll probably be sitting around for a while. What I'm also going to do is gather several stacks of the dragon fest presents, and eventually offer a present package to people.
Thinking about it though, the dragon fest presents should actually go for a LOT more this year. Ever since the zaishen chest became available, the cost on Brule's and firewaters has actually increased. no less then 350g each.
Actually... the newyears event comes first, but the presents will be available as well. Since they cost 318 to get from the trader, it's worth picking them up. Since you can get victory tokens, brule, firewater, or 1k from them, 350 is a good selling price. Which means one can make a profit just buying and reselling the presents to other zones outside of Cantha.
And me with 300k in the bank means I have plenty of capitol to bankroll this enterprise. Heeeheehee.

Kimberly throws snowballs at EVERYTHING!
Oh... guess when this was taken.

After the last run of presents, Gaile asks for people to drink tons of yule tonic and line up to be shot.

For the wintersday picture.

Oh, from what I understand, this is the year of the rat in Chinese Mythology.
(Reading Fruits Basket is good for something you see)
My hope is we get a mini rat like the one that runs around the major cities.
He's actually AS cute as the polar bear I think. So much so, I may end up snagging as many as humanly possible at the event.
I'll BET any of you, even if they have the same amount of them as the pig, they'll go for MUCH more then the pig will. Guarantee you 5k each.
That's IF they use the same rat type. If they use the rat type you see in Jahai, or like the one that's around in kaineng city areas, the little black one, I don't think it'll go over as well.

Let's see... what else. Oh, Got my warrior Silvara along quite a ways in Proph. Finally moved her through the last of the shiverpeaks missions, and ran her up through Ring of Fire. She now has access to Land of 1000 eletes, That's part of what I need to do blow my money on, is buying TONS of skillcaps. I should probably go back to desert, and keep redoing Thirsty River until she's got all the desert elites, then work on all the Perdition rock elites.

Mutant Silvara vs scepter wielding dryder.

Kamadan seems to produce a lot of Rheas.

While doing the Deep Root quest, I decided to send the ele to try and get a totem axe or two. Not only did she get lucky, but I'm finding she can kite and solo these mobs better then Noa ever could.

Anyway, thanks for viewing and reading my rantings.


  1. Qin Li's Avatar
    Love the wreath. Love the candles. Very hippy-ish. It epitomizes that edge that fantasy has over rl: you can't do it in rl or you risk fire, injury, and constantly have the flame blown out by the wind.
  2. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    You forget wax in hair. The other reason why the candles bother me, partially because they're static (no flicker), but it reminds me of that Japanese thing where someone has two candles taped to the side of their head. Usually denoting someone trying to contact the spirit world, but often it just means they're a total geek. I just think it'd look more... natural without the candles. But that's just me.