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Solomon's Seal

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Very much a work in progress....

Dark Assassin

Level: 20

Soul Reaping: 4 (3+1)
Blood Magic: 16 (12+4)
Deadly Arts: 12

Vampiric Spirit [Elite] (Blood Magic)
For 21 seconds, your Spells cost 3 more Energy, but whenever you cats a Spell you steal up to 53 Health from one nearby foe.
Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:5

Dancing Daggers (Deadly Arts)
Send out three Dancing Daggers at target foe. Each striking for 18 earth damage if they hit. Dancing Daggers has half the normal range. This skill counts as a lead attack.
Energy:5 Cast:1 Recharge:5

Mantis Touch (Deadly Arts)
Must follow a lead attack. Target foe becomes Crippled for 17 seconds. This skill counts as an off-hand attack.
Energy:5 Cast:0.75 Recharge:15

Vampiric Gaze (Blood Magic)
Steal 63 Health from target foe.
Energy:10 Cast:1 Recharge:5

plus 4 other skills to be sussed out...

My first test of this build netted me a gladiator point!

The reason behind this build was initially that there seems to be so many anti-evasion attacks now that my old N/Me or Me/N builds are less and less effective using distortion.

Snares in the N/Me line are effectively limited to Crippling Anguish. The rest are pretty expensive and unspammable.

So I looked around the classes for a cheap and effective snare. Deadly Arts has a great combo. Dancing Daggers + Mantis Touch. Both are Spells and so can't be blocked/evaded (but, yes, can be backfired etc but at least that is under my control).

I thought that DD would also combine well with Vampiric Spirit. Against a squishy target that's an instant 107 spike and a 53 heal.

VG seems the other obvious inclusion for an extra 116 spike and heal in one.

My tactics were: DD -> MT -> VS -> VG -> DD -> VG -> VG for an initial 16 sec cripple + 509 (mostly armour ignoring) damage and a 401 heal.

The downside is that leaves you pretty low on energy.

So I'm looking for improvements. I guess Awaken the Blood would be an obvious addition. Is it worth adding in the cheaper Dark Pact to spam when not under attack because the sac will be offset by the Vamp Spirit? Or maybe spread out into some other lines....