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I might as well use this space to tell amusing/heart breaking/other strories about my cats.

But first, let me introduce them to you!

First, Kleintje. He's around 4, we don't know exactly as he's from the shelter. But why anybody would abandon him, I've no idea as he's one bundle of love. He always wants to be with me, it doesn't matter where I am. That means he'll be walking on my keyboard, laying on my mouse and just generally being an annoyance.

We got him last january, as we wanted a second cat to keep the mouse population under control. He had only just arrived at the shelter (only a week), so his previous owner still had the chance to pick him up. After two weeks, they're released and able to be placed with a new home. He was still a full male, and had to be "helped" before he was released, so, two weeks after we saw him, he went home with us.

At first, he was a bit afraid of everything, especially of the vaccuum cleaner. I learned that the hard way, as I was holding him, when the vaccum cleaner was turned on. I had three or four very deep scratches in my hand to prove he didn't like it. Man, that hurt! But, over time, he grew calmer and more lovingly. Naturally, we don't know how long he had been walking on the street, before being picked up by Animal Control. But he's a lot fatter now than when he was when we got him.

Sadly, the other cat we already had, Poes, never wanted to befriend him, I think he had been alone for too long. Poes died in June of this year, the introduction of a new cat might have hastened his passing. He had heart troubles (which we didn't know about until it was too late) and the arrival of a new cat might have created so much stress that it pushed him past the brink. Poes will never be forgotten and he'll still be my dearest cat. But, it might sound harsh, but life must go on.

Kleintje was really a "people" cat. He even didn't mind dogs (my mother visited at one point and the cat started to play with the dogs, which the dogs didn't appreciate), so we decided to get another cat. We didn't want to have the same situation as we had before, where we had a cat that couldn't get used to another cat in the house. Around that time, my mother-in-law mentioned they had two strays walking outside their house. They live outside, in the country, and there usually are a lot of half-wild cats wandering around there. But these two looked tame and they were brothers. So, my mother-in-law put up signs everywhere that they had those two cats in their backyard. Nobody responded, and we decided to take the quieter of the two brothers. First, he went to the vet and was "helped" (the vet didn't know the cats either and didn't know anybody who was missing two cats) and chipped. We assume they were both kicked out of the house when the summer started, as they were both healthy and only a bit skinny. The vet estimated his age at around 1.

So, my mother-in-law brought him to us, and we introduced him to Kleintje. We decided to call him Rooie, as that is what he is, Red. They both connected immediately, so no problems there. I was even able to feed them side by side after a day, though I changed that about a week later, as one would always wait for the other to finish first. They even started to make use of the same cat litter... (while we have two set up for them).

Rooie grew with the food. Not in width, but in stature. He's a big cat, with huge feet. A really big boy but he's very sweet. He doesn't like to be picked up (unlike Kleintje, who, I think, is only happy when he's in somebody's arms), but he will lay in his basket on my desk, just sleeping and being there. He was very skittish when we got him, but that's slowly receding, and I think he's going to be a very contented cat, that loves laying in the sun and in front of the hearth this winter. As long as we are around, he's happy.

It's kind of weird, the 4-year old is acting like a child, being obnoxious when he doesn't get attention, or even worse, when he's tired, never able to sit still and not listening at all. The 1-year old is like an old gentleman, laying somewhere near you, enjoying the being together, but from a distance (but when he wants attention, you should give it, or he won't leave you alone), and actually listening when you send him away. An example is the cat flap. The cats are never outside when we're asleep or away from the house. So, we have a cat flap that can be locked (either to the inside, the outside or both). Kleintje will try to go outside even though we removed him from the door and he tried to open it in all different ways. Rooie will try to open it (pushing it with his paw), notice that it won't open and walk away... And it gets worse! When I finally get home, and open the flap, Rooie will try again, notice it will open and go outside. Kleintje will look at this and walk back, not looking at the flap until I throw him outside...



  1. Lytha's Avatar
    That's odd. Rooie's facial expression on the first picture looks a bit like Geordi (my 2 year old cat), who's the most hyperactive and human-loving cat you can imagine. The opposite of how you describe Rooie.

    Kleintje on that picture looks about as distanced and gentleman-like as Julian (my 4 year old), who doesn't like to be picked up or anything and who dislikes all humans except me anyway. Also quite the opposite to your description of Kleintje.

    Seems that pictures and initial impressions can lie.

    Speaking of cats, mine are endrugged by valerian rightnow. :)