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Mourning Veil Falls & Raisu palace (Now done w/ Cantha :D)

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yeah, i think thats 6 areas in 1 day. Never doing that again lol.

I ran imbagon+sabway+2monk hench+ erys+nika/devona(raisu).

Mourning Veil Falls
Standard stuff really, just little room for movement in the mantid half of the map, pretty easy all round though.

Killed - ~200 I think
Deaths - none
Time - 40mins or so
Difficulty - 3/5

Raisu Palace
I was expecting this to be really hard, but it was the same as NM really. Sliver Armor still is a killer though lol. Just focus on monks & rits, then necs, then eles, then the rest. that worked for all of it pretty much.
Killed - ~230
Deaths - 2 by devona, a few by the other hench
Time - ~1hr
Difficulty - 2/5 Just watch for sliver etc and you'll be fine.

So, I'm done with Cantha, so heres the obligatory title pic xD

My overall difficulty rating (your may vary :P)
3/5 Some easy bits, some hard bits. Not many retries needed or points where I though "OMG y so hardd??!?1?!" So, tyria or elona next.......


  1. Gorani's Avatar
    I had a little trouble doing MVF on my first attempt. (Bosses hit hard, like the Rit one), but after I put Pain Inverter on those (and Ele Wardens) it was OK, if you don't over aggro groups because you are foolish. But that's with every HM map.

    What to do next? I thought Tyria was much more challenging.