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Animation Festival?

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Festival my @$%! It was basically everything crammed into a single building.

So I was forced to tag along on an excursion to this supposed Animation festival. We would watch two hours of film and four hours of readings/lectures/whatever you call those these days.

The first hour of short Animations were a bit entertaining. Most from St. Joost College iirc. Though there were a lot of them which made you "WTF" or fall asleep. The Alien animation was pure genius though (It was so bad it was good :P).

So, the lecture thingies.. various staff from Animation companies did their talk. Most notably the animation team for Chronicles of Narnia/Garfield/Scooby Doo etc. (Not the cartoons, the 3d ones)

There was also someone who did various projects. From creating the video from Kylie Monique's new perfume video to animating a realistic looking beating heart. (Oh, the animation tricks they showed.. If you knew em..)

The other noteworthy was someone who ended up specializing in Music Video's. Forgot for which artist though. I'm never good with names..

Then there was someone who made a special program for VJ's, where they can mix video more easily on the beat of the audio and stuff. And we had to listen to about 10 minutes of Hardcore. Note, the room was like a cinema, audio to the max, flashing images and I'm not quite a Hardcore-loving person.

So, two - three of em were interesting and taught me some things. Gave a behind the scenes glimpse and some are even offering jobs (Though I'm not keen with moving to Hollywood, Los Angeles or London right now).

Didn't go to the after party, I wanted to go home and catch one of the last Mad King Thorn visits. Managed to get both hats, then went to bed. I was tired D: