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Lady Rhonwyn's Journal


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No idea how I must translate this title in English. According to Webster Online Dictionary Translation, it would be "Tormentor". But that's not exactly what a "Pestkop" is. Because Kleintje is.

Let me give you an example. I already told you, we have a cat flap. That thing is always open when we are at home and the cats can walk in and out freely. Or so it should work. But this is often what happens.
Rooie tries the flap with his paw, to see if it's open. Kleintje will sit and watch. Finally, Rooie decides that he can pass through and he'll rush outside (I think he's afraid the flap will bite him, or something, because he always rushes). Kleintje decides to go outside too and together they'll walk away.
At some point, Rooie comes back inside, to eat, drink, get a hug, it doesn't matter. After walking around the house three times, he decided to go back outside again. But now, Kleintje is outside, watching the cat flap...
Rooie will test the flap again with his paws (a bit like you would push against a door that closes automatically), and Kleintje will push back... From the outside. So, now we have a cat flap war going on, one cat wants to go outside and the other is preventing him. The same happens when Kleintje is inside and Rooie outside.

Another example. I got two baskets laying on my desk. Both cats want sleep on my desk, so I bought two baskets, laying side by side (I got a big desk...). Now, picture this. Kleintje is outside (as he again forgot how the cat flap works), Rooie is inside, laying in one of the baskets. At some point, Kleintje finally remembers how the thing works and gets inside. He'll jump on my desk, sees the red one laying there and will start to lick his face, ears and neck. You can see Rooise is enjoying this. But then, Kleintje tires of this and starts to bite in Rooie's back legs. Which Rooie doesn't want (naturally), and a fight will ensue. And Kleintje has his mission accomplished.

Those baskets are always in contention. I got two of them. One will hold a cat (either one), the other will jump up and decide he wants to lay, not in the empty basket, but the full basket. So, again, a fight ensues untill one leaves and the other can lay in that specific basket (it doesn't matter which btw, as long as it's the one that is already occupied...)

It's great to have two cats that like each other. The play-fighting is always fun to watch (often they're boxing!) and the taking care of each other is really touching.

Ahhhh, cats...