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Did I already mention Kleintje is an attention seeker? Well, he is! It already starts in the morning. Kleintje has his own bedroom (the spare bedroom) and we always lock the door when we go to bed. Because if we don't do it, he'll start to do annoying things around 5 minutes after we close our own bedroom door. He'll scratch the door and just won't stop (ignoring doesn't help, but putting him "to bed" will).

So, I wake up in the morning, get out of bed and open the door of Kleintje's room. I go to the toilet and then it starts... Kleintje will scratch the door of the toilet (we've a seperate toilet "room") till I'm done or till he's opened it. And if it's the latter, he'll start to beg for attention (one time he even tried to crawl into my lap!). So, I kick him outside, finish my business and go to the bathroom. We never close the bathroom door (keeps the moisture level lower) and Kleintje will follow me again. He'll sit in front of the shower stall (even poke his head inside when I open the door, he's not too afraid of water), till I'm done. When I'm dressed, it's time for some food (and rest for us), so he'll start mewing, loudly. Rooie will have come downstairs too by now (he usually sleeps upstairs, in our bedroom-to-be or somewhere else he can find a comfortable spot). So, I put food in both bowls and go for breakfast myself. Ahhhh, peace and quiet!

But then, Kleintje will finish quickly (leaving about three fourth of his bowl) and walk to the kitchen to try to get outside. Which he isn't allowed to, as I don't want the cats outside. So, he'll scratch and push the catflap untill we grow tired of him and throw him out the kitchen.

But, there's one thing more fun than annoying us. And that is throwing things off tables, couches, chairs, window sills and every other surface above the floor. The way he does it is very humorous though. He'll jump up, and sit beside the object he'll throw down. He'll look at the object, then look at the floor (and me, if he knows I'm there). He'll push the object a bit closer to the edge and repeats the process. Then, when the object is laying on the edge, he'll give it another last push and looks how it falls down. The bigger the object, the better. If it's a small object (like a screw) he'll jump down and starts to "chase" it. If it's a big object, he'll look around the surface to see if he can find something else to push down. Screws, measuring tapes, pens, computer mice (with or without cord), nothing is safe.

So, back to the morning. We were sitting in the kitchen, eating our breakfast, reading the newspaper, generally waking up. One cat (Rooie) was laying underneath the table, just enjoying being around is. The other (guess who) was messing around in the livingroom. There was a bottle of water standing on the window sill. We're not done yet in the livingroom and it's still used a working place. So, this bottle of water had done something to Kleintje (I think), because it had to be trown around. Especially so hard that the top would come off. So, there was a huge puddle of water on the window sill and more on the floor. And you know what is even more fun? Pushing that (open) bottle of water around the floor! Fun, fun, fun!

Towel time. Take a towel, mop the floor and leave it on the sill to remove the water there too. No, not according to Kleintje, towels musn't be used to clean water from sills! So, that too must be thrown down on the floor...

Luckily, it was time to get to work. Somehow they never break anything when we're not at home, only when we are...



  1. Lytha's Avatar
    I already mentioned that Kleintje == Geordi, didn't I? Only that Geordi and Julian are allowed in the bedroom and in the bathroom when I'm on the toilet. I don't really mind them mewing at me when I'm sitting on the loo, or them going on their litter box while I'm sitting on the loo, or begging for a handful of dry food when I'm done and leaving the bathroom (the bag is in the bathroom cabinet, since that's the only cabinet that they can't open easily)

    Geordi is more the type who hunts stuff and carries it through the apartment rather than throwing it down. Fluffy pillows, shoes, hairbrush, wool&knitting material, you name it. With towels, he's also very strict about the fact that towels don't belong on the towel rack. They must be thrown onto the floor and then been dragged across the apartment.

    He also tries to hunt Julian, but Julian does not approve of that.

    Question: does Kleintje also puke his hairballs in a very spectacular and dramatic way all across the floor, into all directions? That's one of Geordi's favourite drama arts. (But now, he's getting brushed every second day so that he doesn't have that much hair in his stomach. I'm tampering with his artistic endeavours.)
    Updated 12-11-2008 at 10:11 by Lytha
  2. Lady Rhonwyn's Avatar
    No hairballs from either of them. I'm teaching them to like being plucked.

    And they're both welcome in the bathroom and toilet (and sometimes bedroom, but I do like to sleep so now and again, which means they'll have to leave!). But it's always fun to see (and hear) Kleintje complaining when he's not able to open that door immediately :D
  3. Lytha's Avatar
    Ah, you're lucky then. Mine are both short-haired, but Geordi always finds enough hairs to produce hairballs every couple of weeks. Maybe this happens because he grooms Julian a lot as well as himself.

    Both absolutely hate to be brushed, but I can distract them with a second hairbrush that they can hold and kick and claw and bite.

    This morning, Geordi absolutely insisted that he should accompany me to the office. I was already in my jacket and boots, with the backpack on my back, when he climbed on my shoulders and adamantely refused to let me go out on my own for some minutes.

    So annoying, but also so cute.
  4. Arcane Guardian's Avatar
    I have always liked that little devil of yours. I can see how he can be annoying in a way, but on the other hand he is a constant source of fun. You never know what might happen next, when he is around. Plus he is cute.

    Since for the moment, I can only dream about a pet of my own, I have at least named my mesmer's white tiger in his honor.