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Update...yeah...kind of - 14.Dec.2008

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Like last week, I didn't have much gametime. Actually I think I have done nothing until the update went live last Thursday.

I knew, that Amatz would get hit, but I expected a blow to perma Sins and perhaps a slightly differend spawn behavior. But with the reduction to ONE point for each saved refugee, killed my casual, sometimes semi-AFK playingstyle in Amatz. My hopes of reaching max Kurzicks in 2009 faded like mist in the sun.
The next day, it was raised to 5 points, but that still leaves you with about 500 points for a full H&H run, and I doubt that a prepared team of real players will get 1k in 20 min.

I went over to JQ to get some points (as FA is insane now with supercharged turtles on Luxon side) and had lots of fun there. Too bad the frustrated Sin leechers arrived there too and the servers had a serious hickup on Saturday (err 15 all the way).

I returned to playing my Rit a little and saved the Grand Court from Varresh's hordes. On the way I broke seven lockpicks in a row and got seven purple items....

Updated 15-12-2008 at 17:53 by Gorani

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