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Other Zoo builds

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OK, the BBCode is up again, so I can start collecting some Zoo builds:

I ran a smite build with Tara on teo occasions:
[build prof=Mo/R name="Zoo Smiter" Smiting=12+3+1 Energy=11+1 Beastmastery=3][Ray Of Judgment] - [Castigation Signet] - [Reversal Of Damage] - [Smite Condition] - [Smite Hex] - [Call of Protection] - [Charm Animal] - [Rebirth][/build]

With Call of Protection, Aruru can be in th emiddle of the battle and deal damage with the conditions and hexes I smite. Ray does awesome damage and the Signet can either be a killing blow or energy management. As Nerilika brings Revive on the team, ther eis no use for Comfort & Ray is the better elite compared to Heal as One.

*To be expanded*

Updated 13-03-2009 at 21:28 by Gorani

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