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Karn the Betrayer

should i even bother posting my GW fic/story on this forum?

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it had good reviews from guildies. Dispite me being arrogant and an idot (most of the time)

should i even bother posting it on the forums


  1. Qin Li's Avatar
    There is a Fan Fiction section on this site that seems to be well suited for posting your story, if you're just asking about where to post. If you want to specifically post it as a blog entry, I think there is some precedence for that....
    Updated 19-02-2009 at 08:04 by Qin Li
  2. Nikhera's Avatar
    Post in in the forums. Make sure you proofread and spellcheck and all that. And don't reply to your thread, asking for comments. Whenever I see that it makes me not want to comment actually. :P

    Furthermore, quit caring what people think so much. Not saying this in a negative way...but...don't go out of your way to make statements like "I am ignoring flamers now! Roar!" or make sure you point out you're not a creeper when you talk about anime characters. Because fact is, ignoring flamers is common sense, and anime is a hobby, and if you go out of your way to point out stuff like that it makes you look like a drama queen. Not trying to be mean. But I'm assuming you want to be on good terms with the members if this forum right? So that's just my two cents. Just cool it and things will be so much better. Trust me. :P

    Personally I would post it in the fic forum, not many people who read fics read blogs, I don't think.
  3. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Well, the blogs forum has some better capabilites for control then the main forums do.
    You can also mantain a better level of consistancy.
  4. Karn the Betrayer's Avatar
    saying that I wish that the starters of their threads could delete unsuitable posts/replies to their threads... but then thats what the skull is for... -_- *great now i forgot what i was going to say lol*.. oh yeah I wish Hotmail would say weather i got a topic reply or a pm... dammit hotmail

    @ nikhera: I put that flamer who was flaming at me on ignore inc Blastsniper.. even though hes on perm ban (I'm too lazy to remove it)

    GW is WAY too addictive

    Tite Kubo (Bleach), Tsugumi Ohba (Death Note) & Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto) were the inspiration for my story
    Updated 22-02-2009 at 22:15 by Karn the Betrayer
  5. Nikhera's Avatar
    It's good that you put them on ignore. All I'm saying is, you didn't need to make a blog entry about it. :P That goes against the ignoring thing. ^^

    Also, if someone gives you an unsuitable reply (flames) reporting is as effective as deleting, so there's no need to worry about that.
  6. Karn the Betrayer's Avatar
    one thing Nikhera are alternative timelines stories good to read? I mean like what if GW stories for example certain NPC's did not die, Abaddon not actually dead but in a metaphoric sense like dhuum is

    ok i REALLY should get doing this story of mine GW is too distracting lol
  7. Nikhera's Avatar
    Pretty much any story is good to read (cracked storyline/parody included) as long as it's written well. :P
  8. Karn the Betrayer's Avatar
    cracked storyline? you mean not following the game storyline (you know)
  9. Nikhera's Avatar
    Cracked storyline as in funny storyline - impossible crossovers, breaking the fourth wall, that kinda stuff. There can be storyline that doesn't follow the storyline of the game, yet is realistic in terms of the universe of the game. And then there's storyline that's just completely crazy, hence cracked.
  10. Karn the Betrayer's Avatar
    talking about 'cracked' storylines I was thinking for like say your character is a Mesmer ad theres a weapon for example: http://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Kaolin_Wand for a rit, changing it so that a mesmer could wield it wile not being part rit. Just found a perdect wand for my mes char pity its only for a rit :'(

    Elements of my 3 favorite animes will make the crossover bit (not actually a cross over but ideas from those shows)