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My favorite games.

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Just posting this so I can have it down somewhere.

1) Tales of the Abyss
2) BioShock
3) Valkyrie Profile (Not the sequel, that game's battle system was terrible...)
4) The Orange Box
5) Radiata Stories
6) Grand Theft Auto III
7) Fallout 3
8) Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando (But Up Your Arsenal had awesome multiplayer online)
9) 007 Nightfire
10) Pokemon (Leaning more towards Ruby version, even though most people like the originals..)

I bet some people will say my selection sucks.


  1. shawn's Avatar
    No Warcraft? What the crap kinda list is that?
  2. Nikhera's Avatar
    An eclectic collection. Three cheers for The Orange Box! (Also, Fallout 3 looks hilarious and fun and maybe even something I'd enjoy. I wonder if I should just cave in and play it?)
  3. shawn's Avatar
    I don't see what the big deal about Fallout 3 is, to be honest. Yeah it's funny and whatnot, but ugh.. running around some nuclear-ravaged wasteland? zzzzzz.
  4. Zayren's Avatar
    I actually never played the Warcraft RTS games. I did enjoy Starcraft, but I sucked butt at it and would just build a HUGE base and use tons of cheats to smash the NPC. And if you meant WoW, then, no. It's just a way to pass time, it really isn't that fun...

    And I love Fallout 3. It's so much fun just to play.
  5. shawn's Avatar
    I didn't mean the RTSes, they're bad.
    But not fun? Must be because you're horde lololol
  6. Zayren's Avatar
    Well, it's fun, but not up to "Ten 10" snuff.