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Freebies seeks guild

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Hello everyone! After my recent guild fell into a bit of a melt down, I am currently seeking a guild. Here is a list of items I would prefer in a guild:

*Good with helping in HM
*Likes events
*No age limit
*Guild hall (with basic people like storage and merchant traders)
*Nice cape (not necessary)


  1. Sjeng's Avatar
    Hey man. I just "discovered" your blog here on GWO, and stumbled across your post here, about seeking a guild.
    First off I'm afraid I can't offer you an invite, as we're all Dutch/Belgian in our alliance, but man, I'd sure invite someone like you, were the circumstances different... You're probably in a different timezone as well, we're all CET, mostly on in the evenings here.
    Just curious: have you found a guild yet? I'm sure there are still lots of decent PvE guilds out there, some fairly well-known ones too I bet.
    I like the things you've done and are still doing for the GW community. People like you keep a game going. Keep it up!
  2. Burning Freebies's Avatar
    Its ok, ive actually just entered a guild 2 days ago. The GWO guild let me back in.