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For the Zaishen & the Traveler - 25.April.2009

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This will be my "what I did for Zaishen & their coins" thread as well as looking for The Traveller's things:

First impression: ZQuest for PvP areas are like "everyday" weekend events. You get a little extra reward, but they are full of morons too. Moron part outweights the reward right now, but perhaps it will help the PvP oriented side of GW in the long term. I wish they made this a little earlier.I just hope we get a boss like "Ritualist Construct" next , one that is easy to get.

26.April I am aiming to get a heavy EQP for Zera, so I can store her extensive collection of armours, but 7.5k is along way to go.

I am still not able to get into my NCSoft Account. I'm still waiting for support.
I wish they just made a second way to get the free tab - buy one, get birthday one free. Now I'm stuck with that NCSoft servers on the edge of breaking down every second....

1st of May - This hunting for coins made us all develop some strange farming habits. Not sure if this is permanent, but everybody seems to be focused just on the quests. I wonder if this will be reduced again when the first people got their first Heavy EQP?

2nd of May: Started calculating the costs for the EQPs and think I go for a different strategy: I'll get only a Large EQP (15) for Zera & Light ones (10) for the other characters + Smalls (5) for the three mules.
I would still have to use 10 slots in a Xunlai tab for the extra Zera has, but I'll get my free one sooner or later (I hope so). The other girls can store their armours & weapons in Light ones and might even have space for a second armour set. The three mules will get the 5 slot pack. I will be able to outfit my characters pretty fast, get all the space I need for now and will be able to upgrade in the future as I think there will be a market for Light & Large EQPs in the future.

PS: Zera will get a Large (15) and Jara might get one too, because as a warrior she has more weapons to store. The others should be fine with the Lights (10).

04.May: Got my NCSoft account password and unlocked the bonus pane. I have some free slots now and probably won't need to mule or buy more slots in the near future.

05.May: Zquests make me progress some characters further in the NF & EotN storyline. As long as we stay in Norn lands & Kourna, this will be fine, but I don't intend to run charcaters across the map just for the zquests, if they are not on close by maps.

13.May: I'm not sure what I would do without zquests these days, but those and going for the Traveller's stuff pretty much dominates my GW gametime. Not sure if that's a good thing as more and more people from my friends list seem to be offline when I'm on.

21.May: I'm not sure if zquesting is considered "playing" a character, as you most likely put on a "gets things done fast" build and head out to the mission or boss. But at least they get played at all.

09.June: Three weeks later, I think it's a good thing to play more characters. Sova, my Mesmer got a lot of attention when I'm not zquesting. I usually "farm" easy to get stuff, but don't bother with long missions & dungeon bosses. The income varies a lot and I might even go for a Heavy EQP, because I see no long term goal to get anything else from the zcoins.

23.June: Got Zera her Heavy EQP a few days ago. Everything is just a bonus from now on, since the other girls don't really need lots of armour storage right now.

27.June: I'm still hoping for a Moss Spider egg from the Traveler, just to complete the Menagerie.

08.July: Bought a second Large EQP today and got a Vampiric Dragon Sword from a gift.

26.July: One more Large EQP; It's definitely not weapons that too much storage space, but upgrades and other junk...

09.September: I have 1 Heavy and 6 Large EQPs now. Baby Sin & the two mules inherited the 2k versions. Not really sure what to do next. I could get a Moss Spider egg or aim for more Heavies.

30.September: Kalhan, being a total sweetheart sold me an extra Moss Spider egg for a very fair price, so I might actually go for more Heavy EQPs now. Turning zcoins in to LPs or Elite tomes isn't really an option.

17.November: I'm just stockpiling zcoins right now. My extra money goes to LPs right now, my Nicholas items go ways to mates for a friendship price. I can't burn LPs that fast, so I don't see the need to sell EQPs. Fine for now.

19.December: With the arrival of the new costumes, more armour slots might be interesting. Perhaps I should create one or two more Heavy EQPs

15.March 2010: Quite some time has passed. I was hoping for more costumes, but they did not arrive (yet). I think everybody, even the most casual player will have an extensive collection of Heavy & Large EQPs right now. Only armour addicts will need more storage than the EQPs allow. Weapons are not really filling up the packs too, perhaps onyl Warriors with a variety of weapons & shields will have problems. I can imagine the first people getting a Everlasting Fireworks soon.

We also have only a few weeks until the 1st year of Z-quests is done and I won't continue this blog entry after that.

Summary of one year of Zquests & Nicholas stuff
I kept logging my weekly zquests and my Nicholas hunts for a full year now. This are my final notes on this project:
1. The highest coin gain was 42 silver coins in a week, but that and number in the 30s have been the exception. High numbers were generated by missions like Orchard, Morah, Abaddons Gate & Chabek which could be done fast within a short time.
2. There were only a few weeks with no point gain, but single digit numbers were common too.
3. I don't push the limits to gain gifts from Nicholas anymore. If he asks for silly items, I just don't waste my time on that.
4. A Gwen doll and a vampiric sword have been my best drops from gifts. The consumables helped gain the titles, but only by a small amount. Massive event day farming helped more on that topic.
5. Zquests help play a lot of different characters over the last year, which I haven't done for a long time.

Updated 21-04-2010 at 17:27 by Gorani

Other things


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  1. Gorani's Avatar
    21st week

    11.September - A Nornbear for 2 silver 5 copper ... more to come

    12.September - Nornbear, Elona with Zoos & 2x Chung for 6 silver 25 copper

    13.September - 2x Nornbears 2x Chung for 7 silver

    14.September - 2x Nornbears 2x Chung for 7 silver

    15.September - last chung for 1 silver 20 coppers

    16.September - no zquests today

    17.September - no zquest today

    Week's total: 24 silver
    Updated 18-09-2009 at 16:13 by Gorani
  2. Gorani's Avatar
    22nd week

    18.September - Luxon rampage with one Boreas & one Gyala for 6 silver

    19.September - Abbadon's Gate & Gyala (+ a Frost Gate) for 7 silver 24 copper

    20.September - Did the Doppelgaenger five times for 10 silver

    21.September - Three bosses for 4 silver & 10 copper and I collected fangs for Nicholas (usual stuff)

    22.September - two more bosses for 2 silver 40 copper

    23.September - Abaddon for 3 silver

    24.September - no zquests

    Week's total: 33 silver 24 copper
    Updated 24-09-2009 at 17:33 by Gorani
  3. Gorani's Avatar
    23nd week

    25.September - no zquest

    26.September - no zquest

    27.September - boss hunt 1 silver 20 copper

    28.September - no zquest

    29.September - no zquest

    30.September - picked up Rit Boss for later use

    01.October - Two boss hunts for 2 silver 40 copper

    Week's total: 3 silver 10 copper
    Updated 01-10-2009 at 19:34 by Gorani
  4. Gorani's Avatar
    24th week

    02.October - Arbor got beaten six times for 8 silver 20 copper

    03.October - two bosses for 2 silver 40 copper

    04.October - one mission for 3 silver

    05.October - two boss hunts for 2 silver 40 copper

    06.October - three boss hunts 4 silver 10 copper

    07.October - two Chabeks for 2 silver & 44 copper

    08.October - two Chabeks for 2 silver & 44 copper

    Week's total: 26 silver 48 copper
    Updated 08-10-2009 at 19:54 by Gorani
  5. Gorani's Avatar
    25th week

    09.October - last Chabek for 1 silver 24 copper

    10.October - misc. hunts & missions for 14 silver & 20 copper

    11.October - misc. hunts & missions for around 12 silver ... I lost track

    12.October - no zquest, just the Nicholas items farmed & gifts collected: summoner's stones & candy

    13.October - lazy, not counting every copper but two boss hunts & a mission should be around 5 silver

    14.October - lazy, not counting every copper but two boss hunts & a mission should be around 5 silver

    15.October - a boss for 1 silver 24 copper

    Week's total: around 34 silver and 18 copper
    Updated 17-10-2009 at 07:20 by Gorani
  6. Gorani's Avatar
    26th week

    16.October - boss hunt and mission for 2 silver 44 copper

    17.October - 3 silver from missions & boss hunts

    18.October - no zquests

    19.October - no zquests

    20.October - grinded to 5 essences for Nicholas, got party items, booze and blue candy

    21.October - no zquest

    22.October - no zquest

    Week's total: 5 silver 44 copper
    Updated 22-10-2009 at 18:22 by Gorani
  7. Gorani's Avatar
    27th week

    23.October - no zuest

    24.October - Vengeful Aataxe for 40 copper

    25.October - one NM Fronis for 20 copper, but I completed my weapons monument with the Destroyer weapons; About 100 ToT Bags over the weekend.

    26.October - no zquest, grinded my Nicholas gifts (party & booze sold for Lockpick fund)

    27.October - no zquest

    28.October - no zquest but "Don't fear the reaper"

    29.October - no zquest

    Week's total: 1 silver 10 coppers
    Updated 01-11-2009 at 19:39 by Gorani
  8. Gorani's Avatar
    28th week

    30.October - no zquest

    31.October - two Orchards for 4 silver

    01.November - more Orchards, Fenrir and Cho's as I'm tired of the UW halloween stuff for 10 silver

    02.November - no zquest

    03.November - no zquest

    04.November - no zquest

    05.November - no zquest

    Week's total: 14 silver, away from home, so no wonder
    Updated 05-11-2009 at 14:45 by Gorani
  9. Gorani's Avatar
    29th week

    06.November - no zquest

    07.November - no zquest

    08.November - did some leftovers from last week 4 silver 18 copper

    09.November - no zquest

    10.November - one boss hunt, 1 silver 20 copper

    11.November - no zquest, got a glad point

    12.November - no zquest

    Week's total: 5 silver 38 copper
    Updated 12-11-2009 at 17:02 by Gorani
  10. Gorani's Avatar
    30th week

    13.November - no zquest, picked up Boreas

    14.November - two missions for 3 silver

    15.November - Morah is nice: 12 silver

    16.November - no zquest, just went out and got some Nicholas stuff

    17.November - Got zcoins from Chung, Boreas and a full bonus RA for 10 silver 30 copper; Picked up Nornbears

    18.November - Total of 6 silver 15 copper

    19.November - Nornbears & Chungs for 7 silver

    Week's total: 38 silver 45 copper
    Updated 20-11-2009 at 14:31 by Gorani
  11. Gorani's Avatar
    31th week

    20.November - Did a mission for 2 silver

    21.November - several things for 5 silver 25 copper

    22.November - no zquest

    23.November - one old boss hunt 1 silver 20 copper

    24.November - no zquest

    25.November - no zquest

    26.November - no zquest

    Week's total: 8 silver 45 copper
    Updated 26-11-2009 at 13:58 by Gorani
  12. Gorani's Avatar
    32th week

    27.November - 4x Doppel for 8 silver

    28.November - 2 silver for the last doppel

    29.November - no zquest - collected the hidden treasures for Adja for the second time after a year had expired (about 50:50 gold/purple)

    30.November - no zquest, just a little bit of survivor boxing

    01.December - no zquest - Nicholas' stuff

    02.December - no zquest

    03.December - no zquest

    Week's total: 10 silver
    Updated 05-12-2009 at 10:59 by Gorani
  13. Gorani's Avatar
    33rd week

    04.December - seven Arbor's for 9 silver and 40 copper

    05.December - seven Quasongs for 9 silver and 4 copper

    06.December - 1 silver 20 copper

    07.December - 1 silver 20 copper

    08.December - no zquest

    09.December - no zquest ... not much game time right now

    10.December - 2 silver 40 copper

    Week's total: 24 silver 14 copper
    Updated 10-12-2009 at 17:14 by Gorani
  14. Gorani's Avatar
    34th week

    11.December - no zquest

    12.December - 1 silver 20 copper

    13.December - 2 silver, Jara finally reached Kodash

    14.December - no zquest

    15.December - 2 silver 48 copper

    16.December - no zquest

    17.December - no zquest

    Week's total: 6 silver 38 copper
    Updated 19-12-2009 at 10:20 by Gorani
  15. Gorani's Avatar
    35th week

    18.December - various zquest that piled up. I lost count. Turned in around 7-8 silver

    19.December - Got a Jingle White Moa; 6 silver 20 copper

    20.December - 5 silver 40 copper

    21.December - no zquest

    22.December - no zquest

    23.December - no zquest

    24.December - no zquest

    Week's total: 18 to 20 silver total as an estimate number
    Updated 27-12-2009 at 17:28 by Gorani
  16. Gorani's Avatar
    36th week

    25.December - no zquest

    26.December - no zquest

    27.December - no zquest

    28.December - no zquest

    29.December - no zquest

    30.December - no zquest

    31.December - no zquest

    Week's total: Away from home, I really had no time for those
    Updated 31-12-2009 at 07:34 by Gorani
  17. Gorani's Avatar
    37th week

    01.January - 2 silver 10 copper from boss hunts

    02.January - 5 silver

    03.January - 1 silver 20 copper; advanced Jara in NF to Gate of Pain

    04.January - 5 silver 40 copper; Jara defeated Abaddon; Nicholas wants a nasty collectible

    05.January - no zquest, Xula did Asura land main quests

    06.January - 2 silver 44 copper

    07.January - no zquest

    Week's total: 19 silver 14 copper
    Updated 08-01-2010 at 16:56 by Gorani
  18. Gorani's Avatar
    38th week

    08.January - 10 silver from Orchard

    09.January - 4 silver 19 copper

    10.January - 5 silver 24 copper

    11.January - no zquest; Nicholas wants Ruby Djinn Essences...blah :(

    12.January - no zquest; no essence drop in two days...

    13.January - no game play at all

    14.January - no zquest, not in the mood for new futile farming attempts

    Week's total: 19 silver 43 copper
    Updated 14-01-2010 at 14:28 by Gorani
  19. Gorani's Avatar
    39th week

    15.January - 3 silver 29 copper, one glad point

    16.January - 2 Asuran VQs and new armour for Xula

    17.January - no zquest

    18.January - 1 silver 23 copper; I already have half the Orr emblems Nicholas wants

    19.January - 1 silver 23 copper & Nicholas got his stuff

    20.January - 3 silver

    21.January - 4 silver 24 copper (Yeah Morah!)

    Week's total: 13 silver 49 copper
    Updated 21-01-2010 at 18:22 by Gorani
  20. Gorani's Avatar
    40th week

    22.January - 15 silver from Morah

    23.January - 4 silver 10 copper

    24.January - 5 silver 44 copper & picked up all the Nornbears I could get

    25.January - 2 silver 5 copper

    26.January - no zquest, I got Derv off Istan Island and to the Command Post instead

    27.January - no zquest; Derv capped three Avatars

    28.January - 4 silver 40 copper; explored more Kourna with the Dervish, surprised how many elites she can get there.

    Week's total: 31 silver 49 copper
    Updated 28-01-2010 at 17:31 by Gorani
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