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Karn the Betrayer

oO OMG lolz

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Was on vent on another server some weeks ago, i mentioned i was listening to the EoTN soundtrack on my ipod touch. A person threatened to report me to ANET for having a ipod... WTH??? I said report me then.. i bet the ANET admins were laughing at the report of a player complaing about another players ipod ownership XD


  1. kokabel's Avatar
    Haha, oh dear. Maybe they meant they would report you for having the soundtrack on your iPod because that would be like downloading illegally. Except Anet hand out copies of their soundtracks with various box sets so you've bought an official copy anyway, so you're not in the wrong in any way at all.

    How random.
  2. Karn the Betrayer's Avatar
    noo I got the song off a CD i bought legally isn't it illegal if you sell it on?

    @ kokabel: I am random

    As a note I was jusing those new 1 time tonics with a guildie... you'd get strange comments from other players hen they see you appear as an asuran or that large golem crystal thing from Dragons lair