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Wii Resort + MotionPlus: First Impression - 24.July2009

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I was lured by the fact that I could sword fight (and who isn't ), so I thought to give it a try.
WiiResort comes with the WiiMotion+ add on for you Wii Remote, which enhances the ability of the remote to pick up your movement.
Wii Resort has 12 games total. I haven't tried all yet, just a few:

Sword fight: Yeah! There are three types of game play here. First one is a duel. You chop at your foe with the remote, just like you would hold a kendo style sword. You will do more damage if you take larger swings, but of course you are slower that way. holding the B button, you can go to parry mode. It works really well.
Second game is slicing object with different swings into pieces, and I think twelve year olds on Ritalin will do really well there, because the computer starts slow, but gets fast very quickly. The Marathon in just a monster bash for survival. You get three hits and you are out. With the use of combos (1,2, A,C & Z buttons are not yet used) I can see the future of nice hack & slash first person "shooter" games with this.

Frisbee: Nice too. You have to throw a frisbee and have your dog catch it. You really screw up your throws if you make small wrist moves while throwing.
You can unlock Frisbee golf, which is the same as the golf course, but you throw the frisbee.
PS: I got 750 points in the "catch mode" on the first try and hardly get half the points now...beginners luck.

Golf: Has been in the original Wii Sports, but now the turning of the remote has a much bigger impact & putting is a lot more difficult. And it features a new golf course too (which is larger!)+ the original ones from Wii Sports.

PS: More things played

Archery: That one is great. You use the remote + nunchuck to actually pull the arrow. There is wind & range to take into account, which gets pretty difficult with longer ranges & stronger winds. Again, this sounds like nice way to use archery in a "fantasy game FPS".

Canoeing: You use the remote like a paddle to the left and right of your body. You have to keep the rhythm to keep going fast and of course you have to steer by using the paddles.

"Bonus stuff" You can get "stamps" for doing certain things (like in a lot of other games), e.g. by shooting three bulls eye's in one round of an archery round, or collecting all ducklings in the canoeing training mission.

The different games offer a lot of different movements and are a lot of fun so far. This game gets a:

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  1. Gorani's Avatar
    I've played all variants of the games right now and I stand by my first impression: This is really fun to play and offers a lot of variety.
    Sword fighting, once you got over 1000 points will make you have around like a madman and is really difficult.
    Basketball 3vs3 involves a lot of tactics in passing the ball, right timing for blocking throws and a steady hand for the throwing part.
    The Cycling involves a lot of different stuff too (energy management, avoiding obstacles etc).
    Wake boarding and those little speedboats are not as exciting, but not really bad, as well as the skydiving.

    Everybody, from my friends to my parents liked it, when they play tested some games.