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Wii Fit Plus - 01. November 2009

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I got the Wii Fit Plus two days ago and I want to write a dhort review for you, if you are considering buying the "expansion".

Yes, you heard right, it is an expansion to the original Wii Fit and now it is what the first game should have been a year ago.
The Plus replaces the original game and adds new features:
>> a few new Yoga & Workouts (3 each, so no big deal)
>> a total of 12 new games
>> an automated training program

First, the games: They are fun like a new improved "marble board" or the snowball fights. There is a jump & run game, which I find pretty difficult. There a quite a few games where you have to walk on the Balance Board and although that piece of equipment is sturdy, I fear that those games might reduce the total lifetime of the board.
The automated training program is nice, because you just have to say that you want to train e.g your waist and legs and the program selects a workout for you

If you already own a Wii Fit game and liked it, consider buying the Wii Fit Plus. If you plan to buy a Balance board, try to get one with Wii Fit Plus and not with Wii Fit.
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  1. Gorani's Avatar
    The automated exercises are very good compared to what stuff you had to chose manually in WiiFit. This is what I'm using for fun (now that the weather for jogging outside is annoying):
    >> 10 min of Free Jogging to warm up
    >> 15 min of random muscle exercises (like crunches, rowing, turns etc.)
    >> 10 min of Rhythm Boxing

    At my weight, the calories counter goes up to ~150, which is OK for a light workout