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Throw us a bone Anet!

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I was just talking to Indigo about how I miss Linsey in-game and on the wiki.
When she was more active there, earlier in 2009, I really had the feeling that the Live Team is interested in keeping close to the community and trying to keep as much players as possible to be hooked on the game.
Same with Regina. She never was an "in-game person" like Gaile and I still think she does a good job, but she too doesn't give us a "vision" on what to expect next.

I really wish the higher ups in the ANet marketing department would have learned the trick of teasing us with small stuff.
We don't want a steak! Just throw us a bone!

>> Introduce the weekly wallpapers again on the GW2 site
>> Necro the idea of a developers diary, even if we just see devs hiding behind screens and folders
>> Tickle us with a vague outlook of upcoming costumes (for free!)
>> Conjure up some omens about possible new things on Canthan new year
>> Post a feature about the Test Krew's work even if it is "they are testing the balances on Tactics that we already have announced.

Come on, it isn't that hard to keep us happy.

*end rant, feeling better now*
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