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This is mainly just me listing what I'm trying to finish in Guild Wars at the moment. I figured I should try to get something together to keep track of what I am doing and to see how fast I can actually get it done.

Hero: Currently at Rank 4. Aiming for Rank 5 within the next month, though I am not sure if this will happen. Ultimate aim is Rank 6, after which I'll re-***** whether I can see myself getting Rank 9.

Gladiator: I've been really lazy, and not even been to RA for a while now, but I really ought to get myself to Gladiator 2 because I'm not that far off now - with a view to getting Gladiator 3 so I can at least put something in my HoM for all that effort/time.

-Try and figure out how you're supposed to make the transition from monking 4v4 situations to monking 8v8 situations. I just can't really imagine doing it. The idea is terrifying - but I like monking, and would love to be able to play prot in HA.
- Get better at weapon-swapping for every cast. Aka, stop being bad/lazy.

Vanquishing: Nearly done with vanquishing Factions on my dervish. It's been overall pretty painless/easy, other than the occasional patrolling mob that takes 20 minutes to find (Melandru's Hope says 'hi'). I should get that polished off within the next week, I hope. I think I'll get to finishing Nightfall vanquishing after I'm done in Cantha.

Cartographer: Try to at least get 95% of Cantha mapped (currently at 88.7% or something like that) before I break down and resort to Texmod help. This has been going nicely with my vanquishing, but I still remember what a pain in the behind Elona was, and I am not looking forward to those last few points to reach 100%.

Protecter of Tyria: Yep, I still haven't done this. I loathe playing Prophecies missions these days, so I've just been avoiding the hell out of it (and yet, I've done a few HM missions there already). I think I maybe need 5 more missions there, but I just can't bring myself to do them unless there's someone else there to keep me company.

Get my new assassin PvP ready: I need to conjure up a defense set from somewhere, as well some elemental daggers and some zealous daggers. Maybe a hammer too, so I can be super annoying while practising good weapon swapping.

Shinies and Mods: I need to get my hands on a q9 Command Draconic Aegis, and 5 enchanting staff wraps, so I can finish up stuff for my Ele (albeit one of the wrap is for something else), who is now officially as spoiled as my Warrior and my Monk. I wish I could get someone else to do this, Kamadan trade chat gives me a headache.

That's all I can think of for now. Hopefully I can tick some stuff off my list sooner that later, heh.