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I'm going to do a series of 5th anniversary gushy fangirl posts. Things that make me happy about the game and today it's the sky.

In real life I look at the sky a lot, it's the first wonderful thing I look at in the morning - when I sit up, I can see across the length of the attic to a tiny view of the Olympic mountains - often the clouds are pouring over their peaks like heavy cream.

I love the skies in GW, they really capture the mood of each location, and one can happily cloud gaze while waiting for a trade to happen etc.

A view from the wizard's guild hall. A sultry warm day with clouds rising off the sea, a perfect day for sailing and raiding other guilds...

A desert moon rising over Pogahn Passage. It really sets the mood for this smuggler's enclave.

The sandstorm tinted skies of Elona, you can almost breathe in that dusty air! It also looks quite hot, why did I bring my norn armor?

The still and serene Crystal Desert. This is near Seeker's passage. There's an impression of stillness and aridity about that sky.

Too warm? How about Borlis Pass. I like the aspen trees and snowflakes in this area.

The bloody, wounded sky of post searing Ascalon. Lightning strikes can be seen beneath the bloated sun, just walk outside of Frontier Gate.

Post Searing again, the light coming off a crystalline structure is an awesome contrast against the deep, brooding reds and oranges.

I can feel the ice crystals in the low misty texture of the clouds just outside of Sifalla and on my way to do Blood Washes Blood.

An aurora blossoms from the tip of the Eye of the North.

The humid, muddy yellow sky of Shing Jea Island, right outside Ran Masu Gardens.

Harsh sunlight breaks through the limbs of Echovald's stony canopy just outside Lutgardis Conservatory.

A soothing pastel sky outside of Leviathan Pits.

A poisoned moon outside of the Lair of the Forgotten.

Phantasms and the nightmare fins of the things that swim in dreams lurk in the skies of the Realm of Torment.

The Mouth of Torment has a curiously placid jade green sky, belying the horrors that lie beyond its portal.

Thanks for looking (if you got this far) and keep looking up!

- Kali


  1. Cartomancer's Avatar
    You've got some nice pics here :)

    I got to admit that I don't normally spend a lot of time admiring the scenery in GW... even though I love how it looks! The "normal" zoomed-out view doesn't let you see what's going on above you, and the first person view is just a bit buggy and makes me feel like a small insect in the huge GW world.