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B is for bones. Yes, I will be attempting to get through an alphabet of things in GW. I hope I can find something for X...at least there is Zinn for Z :)

This being a fantasy game there has to be bones and in Guild Wars there are lots and lots of bones. As someone who does in fact collect bones and has studied vertebrate anatomy I really enjoy seeing them.

Plus, there's the whole lore related Giganticus lupicus thing going on. Whether the monumental sized bones really are that critter is still under a little debate. But, I am just here to discuss bones :)

This is the skeleton type widely said to be Giganticus lupicus. These things are huge and judging by the segments of vertebrae, the things were hundreds of feet long.

These are what I think of as the bone tombs, found in a cluster in the NW corner of Vulture Drifts. They surround the skeleton in the first picture which appears to have been lovingly excavated. What purpose these serve or who/what built them is unknown.

A vertebrae section of apparently the same gigantic Crystal Sea/Desert beast. I love how it forms an elegant bridge.

Generic animal skull, these can be seen throughout the Crystal desert, sometimes with other bones and sometimes all on their own like this guy.

No discussion of bones would be complete without mentioning The Bone Palace. As you can see, exterior decor strictly all bone related.

To my fevered imaginings these two sets of skeletons often occur together - they look like a giant human and possibly a giant horse - though the "horse" skull is a bit inconclusive. I like to think we have the remains of a horseman a-la-Underworld there.

And if you have so many huge bones around, why not build bridge structure from the ribs? Excellent idea!

I would have liked to have gone into the Dunes of Despair backyard - there's a really nice gathering of bones in the mission area, but alas I had to keep my post and my tourism short today. Gotta get some work done

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  1. Cartomancer's Avatar
    I like this GW alphabet thingy, reading your posts makes me realise that there are lots and lots of small details in GW that I never really pay attention to.

    For X, there's always Xandra (pics of Xandra in her different outfits?) and all the Xunlai related stuff (pics of Xunlai chests all around the GW world? )

    Keep up the good work!