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Originally, I was going to have this entry on dragons. Except that dragons don't do much in GW (or at least GW 1). Glint says a few woo-woo things, but other than that, dragons so far are just very good at sleeping and foreshadowing.

Dwarves in Guild Wars are pivotal in both Prophecies and Eye of the North. They fill the fantasy archetype of the dying/doomed race. They also have two clear groups - the evil, enslaving Stone Summit and the friendly, self sacrificing Deldrimor.

The Stone Summit, like the charr I like because they make challenging enemies. In hard mode Slaver's Exile , the Stone Summit are truly nasty, with a balanced group it takes judicious pulling, decent builds and a wee bit of luck to win.

Of course, Dagnar Stonepate took out Rurik, to my eternal confusion since the prince somehow still had his head in Hell's Precipice (granted that it was a skull by that time). Maybe it was someone else's skull or sewed on.... Poor Rurik

I also like that in Eye of the North, the Stone Summit have yurts, because they do seem much more nomadic, especially in prophecies where they are found in very remote parts of the Shiverpeaks. I've always attributed the wood and verdigris-metal battlements to the Deldrimor.

And they have a nice banner. After the fall of Duncan the Black, it is believed the Stone Summit are broken and never recover.

Beacon's Perch, the refuge of the Deldrimor dwarves and the place of safety Rurik was trying to reach when he was slain. It's also the first place in GW where running became something you did. These days not so important, because maximum armor in Cantha is so easy to get, but there is still a classic appeal to the 1k armor in Droknar's Forge.

The dwarves love their Dolyaks - the Stone Summit armor theirs and the Deldrimor appear to dote on them. I think it was probably the dwarves that domesticated the dolyak, selling them to the humans, or perhaps they are gifts to the worthy.

In the end, the Deldrimor become stone to fight the Destroyers, fulfilling a prophecy and effectively insuring their demise as a living race. A few dwarves remain behind, but I can only imagine what will happen to these places in the Shiverpeaks -

- the empty palaces of the heights, where perhaps their lonely spirits will dwell when the last dwarf shatters itself against the destroyers.

I wonder what will happen to Ogden, he refused the gift of the Great Dwarf, preferring to remain flesh. In a few decades, what will he feel, loneliness? Will he choose to join the others in stone and is that possible?

The great Anvil Rock where the dwarves believe they were forged by the Great Dwarf.

- Kali


  1. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Dwarves may look short, but I bring my monk up to them, and most of them are taller then she is.
  2. Kalidri's Avatar
    Yeah they're basically really big boned humans :D My male assassin appears to weigh half as much and be about as tall! Maybe the norns called them dwarves first and it stuck with the humans :D
  3. Lytha's Avatar
    Ogden will find 6 other dwarves and start a new fortress. Some more will join them in the first couple of months: immigrants who found a new home. This is the way of the dwarves, even after their civilization has already been dead for centuries.

    They may get visited by megabeast dragons a few dozen years later, but they will just capture these dragons in cage traps and then simply put them into magma.

    The old capital cities and the old abandoned fortresses will be overrun by troglodytes and nakes mole dogs, but the occasionally visiting adventurers will kill these all and admire the ancient engravings and statues.

    Also, I think that Ogden is a female dwarf. This is because of the line "Ogden is maintaining mending on herself", which is of course not specific for hir, but I noticed that gender confusion of the heroes on Ogden, first.
  4. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    I knew you'd do that, I just freaking KNEW IT!
    Of course you realize we're gonna have to stock some kegs that people got from nick for them.
  5. Lytha's Avatar
    Teeheehee. ;)

    But really, give them 20 years, and there will be a new duchy, with at least 90 dwarven children, looking at a bright new future for dwarfkind. Bright... and inbred, that is.

    Hir real name in the dwarven tongue would be Ogden Lamikal, by the way. Not that "Ogden" would be a normal name for a dwarf, but she probably adopted that nickname because it made hir sound tougher or something.