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Profession hunter

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Okay, since the professions are now available to me in the desert, may as well do those before the dragon's lair, and then afterwards, go capping there.
Since there's a cap from Kephet, we'll start with prophet's path, and the kree minotaur kill for the ele test. The minotaur has nothing to cap, but kephet does. We'll be going after her as well.

Kephet edit: Oh that went VERY well!
Found the minotaur, worked him over good, then headed off to find kephet. then used reason #3 why I love spirits so much, thier extra long range, killed one of the outside bugs, and then kephet agroed, ran back, recast shadow and disenchant, disenchant the reason #7 why I love spirits so much, and that dealt with any MoP on her.
Killed her, got her weapon, and got the cap. shaweeeeet! (will post screencaps later)
Now to check if any of the other professions have a cappable boss. I think only the ranger test has one, and that's against a mesmer boss.
Necroedit:damn... forgot the necro quest which could have been done in the same area. I'll head back and get that one now too. Doh moment there.
I'm kinda getting antsy about this, I have less then 8 hours now to get as many caps done as possible.

Warrior;mesmer edits: Got those two done, now all that's left is the ranger quest... which I am entirely not wanting to do, as I'm going into the heart of mesmer territory, with mass degens and cry of frustration. All which have been buffed up massively. I hate going through that area in the best of times... I'm thinking maybe take a backroute in to avoid the worst of the riders.

Ranger edit: Okay, wasn't so bad, the jade dcks were more annoying with that friggin chillblans. Killed one rider boss on the way, and avoided the other in the corner. Got the yzkewndk2nswhatisnuts, and got the sennet sen quest as well done.
Now it's off to dragon's lair. I think I'll do a few capping runs for good measure.
EXP so far, 360k. almost to 1m to go.
Not bad. debating on doing a whole seperate update for the dragon's lair. No intent on getting bonus though. After that I'll head to GTOB and get those extra professions, then head back to factions, and start working on skills from there. Dragon's throat awaits.
Actually thinking about it, I can do a few easy caps from the various missions in the desert. I still need warrior, necro, ranger, and mesmer caps.
I'll start off with dunes of dispair, as that's an easy cap for mesmer right off the bat. Then head to Thirsty, as those have the professions laid out nicely to cap.

Post desert missions edit:
Ugg... okay, THAT was a grind.
Did the dunes, that was fun, the mesmer boss right there, easy cap. Then I went to thirsty, because of the constant layout of the bosses, that was best for capping.
I decided to start from last to first.
Did the ranger one, took about 15 min to get that done. Did the warrior, took about 12 min.
Did the necro, took about 10 min, took a break, did the ele, and forgot I didn't need the necro, did that first, took to long, and had a rez of foes, but they were blocked in, so a few nice aoes took them all out. then went to get either renewal.
Lag was picking up for some reason, which is making me a touch nervous. I checked if it was on my end, hard to tell. I have a wireless router, and I've tried turning the wireless part off, but it won't go off for some reason. I keep picking it up on the laptop. I did secure it though. But even still...

Anyway, got all the desert caps done.
I figgure do the dragon's lair ones next, again... last to first.
Long grind ahead.

Glint edit:Okay, got through the whole glint thing. Capped the warrior skill. In looking through the other elites here, the grenth's ballance and the lightning surge can be capped at nahpui. This leaves only the first 3 to redo, which is fine by me. Once I get done with that, it's off to GTOB, open up the other classes, then to kamadan, then champions, and then do Land of heros and cap the other skills there I can.
Current EXP, 428k. 5 hours left in this run.

Post glint edit: Finally finished that grind. Got 4 good skills out of that mission, and 40k from that. Onto champion's dawn, and the caps there.

Canthan edit: Well I did the grind out of champions dawn, and finished that quest. I shoulda kept going when I passed 1000 rep points, but forgot about that. The bounty bonus goes away at that point, and if you time it right, ending a run right around 900 sunspear, then do a complete run again, you can crank up to 1600 rep. Still, not like it's that hard to get sunspear points once you get to the mainland. Anyway...

Got the four skills capped there, and then went to cantha. I wasn't sure on my time frame, but figgured I'd better get cranking.
Got all the skills needed from Dragon's throat and down the hall, left the necro skill to cap in undercity, as it was easier to get to.
Almost bit it in dragon's throat when going after the ele skill. Agroed the whole damn group around him and they refused to go back, sticking at the corner as we ran away. The monks kept healing eveyrthing and blasting with that friggin ROJ. It then became a game of retreat and pull. retreat and pull. I had to watch it not to overagro, but the wall in the way did help. All I could think of was I was glad I was not doing that in HM.
After dragon's throat, I went and started capping stuff in wajjun bazzar, other sections of undercity from the back entrance, and a some caps over in Bukdek.
In all, I blew well over 40k on skillcaps, and cranked up in exp massively. End total, after I tried capping Iron Palm, and got 5k for it,
672k. At the least, level 2 survivor.

Now for the long haul. Getting through the game, without busting, and then turning in the books in normal mode. That'll be a good 40k for factions, and 80k for proph. Anyway, I'm past the halfway mark, and hopefully have learned how now to be stupid with survivors.

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  1. Lytha's Avatar
    Any progress to report for this survivor? :)
  2. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Not really a whole lot at this point.
    I worked a little on another rit survivor on another account, the one that does have eye of north, and... doing worms is... boring as hell.
    Especially since I couldn't get HM with it at that stage.
    Last week I was totally away, so I couldn't even log on, and that account got booted from the guild I was in.
    So this weekend, when I got on, I decided to bump up a necro on that account who has a low vanguard rating.
    Problem was, on saturday, I ended up having this...
    I'm told it was gas, but holy F*** it was painful. It felt like my kidney was wrapping around itself, and I got sick so bad, I was puking up the bile in my stomach, and then I had the dry heaves.
    My mom got home later on, and she sort of poked around on my side, and then had me do some massaging it, which actually helped for a while, and allowed me to get a nap, but then it came back, but some walking around and massaging again finally got rid of it.
    It was pretty bad, felt like someone had stabbed me through the side of my body with a lance and was twisting it around.
    Sunday I was better somewhat, and was able to actually finish the VQ, and get Eye of north done on that account.
    The Necro I used I've actually decided will be my first pokemon trainer.
    So far she's gotten the Melandru, Lynx, Phoenix, and I put the moss egg I've had in storage for several months in her menagere. Now I probably need to get that leveled up, but I decided it can wait for now. I went out of eye of north to get another pet, and decided on the jingle moa, but then on the way, saw an eagle, and said screw it. Tamed that one, and named it Colbert.

    I've found that the worms are good for early pet leveling. One run will raise it up two levels, and another run another two levels more. Problem though, they get killed easy if there's nothing to distract the worms.

    My 700k survivor at this point... I did some nick farming in the desert a couple weeks ago, soloing things, which she can do relatively safely, but I was getting nervous, as all it takes is ONE internet blackout to leave her standing there, alone, and without help.
    So what I may end up doing for her is just going through and doing missions for one of the campaigns.
    You know I really wish the Z missions weren't so friggin 'random' like they are. It makes booking them a real pain.
    Updated 02-08-2010 at 19:38 by Noa Brightington