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Tender Wolf

Max req 7/8 weapons

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So I was browsing the screenshots on Guru and there is a thread where people post their weapons. I've seen countless people post pictures of their max, req. 8 or sometimes even req. 7 gold items that can be upgraded and inscribed. How in the world do they get these things? I've never seen one drop, nor do I personally know anyone who owns one of them. Seriously, how in the world do they get those? Are they just that lucky? Do they buy them? How?!


  1. Kahlan's Avatar
    Then you weren't playing like...3 or 4 years ago, because that's when they dropped. OK, sure, you can still ONCE IN A WHILE get a max r8 item, but they are rare. Req 7 max don't drop anymore.
  2. Tender Wolf's Avatar
    Ah, yeah I started playing 4 years ago this September but I never saw one drop. lol
  3. Kalidri's Avatar
    Fissure of Woe is one of those places where the r8s drop - crystalline swords used to be the big deal before Factions started etc. I've racked up an impressive amount of play hours and I have NEVER seen a max r8 drop even though I happily put survivors through FoW because I know it so well.
  4. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    The thing about low req max damage weapons, they tend to occur only in upper mid level areas, usually from level 18-20 mobs. And mostly in proph and factions, and any 'old skool' area like FOW and UW.
    As far as them being inscribable...Best I've ever seen on that is an 8req. I actually have an 8req death offhand I kept and put on a Master somewhere.

    On personal note, why are you even bothering looking at stuff on guru? I thought you got banned from there.
    I suppose it's the same issue I have, you can't help it, looking at that which infuriates you to death. go go MPB runs.
  5. Jono Mozza's Avatar
    I've had a req8 shield insc that I later sold for a nice sum. Its really all just luck.
  6. Kahlan's Avatar
    Ah, so you were around, you just weren't lucky enough to get a drop ;)
  7. bellissima's Avatar
    They were more common before inscriptions. You probably did see req 8s drop, but discarded them because they didn't have max mods. After I saw this entry I dug back through some old mules and found these guys. Worthless because non-inscribable and non-perfect. :-(

  8. Tender Wolf's Avatar
    hehe Oh my. I don't remember having any drop, but I bet they weren't max damage if they did so I most likely merched them. Yeah they are very rare, which is why I was so surprised to see so many on the Guru post; some people have at least 50 of them it seems.