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To the Stars

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Today, I put my 15yo dog to sleep. She's the one in my avatar. She had bone cancer that metastasized to her lungs and other organs. Within two days of the diagnosis, she went from being the dog that actively guarded my house (albeit stiffly and a certain lack of menace due to a bad back) to a dog that could no longer walk.

I shall miss her very much, she inspired some of my writing, especially the wolves in my first long fan fiction. Loyal, noble, brave and swift, she was also beautiful, sweet and able to learn all kinds of things. She was an escape artist, a finicky eater and hated the water.

I trained her to compete in agility, we were successful even though I had my doubts when we started. She was a dream to have as a partner, smooth running and precise. She was my companion when I worked alone in the desert, miles from no where. She was my guardian, my shield against loneliness, a barrier to the mortality that awaits us all.

Rest well, my lovely one, to the stars, to the universe from whence you came, long may the winds carry your ashes on this beautiful earth.


  1. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Gads this is a suck year for deaths.

    Well, she looks like a happy dog. Can't ask for more then that in life.
  2. MixedVariety's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about it, Kal. She was family to you.