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Thoughts and delusions while chasing the bear

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So another year of chasing the bear goes by, no luck, and people call me stupid... whacked in the head, maaaaaad...

For a while, I was able to open the chest without getting excited, but I'm starting to do that again, thinking THIS time..
okay, THIS TIME>..
one more... THIS TIME...

and between fuming and trying not to fuss, *****ing to people on aim, not in game, because no one wants to hear it, yadda yadda,

I come up with odd ideas about the snowmen.
I no longer think of Freezie as Freezie. I think of him as...
Optimus Freeze. Or maybe...
Freezimus Prime.

Fighting against Maximus and the evil Deceptirinchs... or... Grinchacons.

I picture shifty as being just right behind Maximus, saying one thing, but always trying to usurp the position, and gain a nice greeny glow for himself.

After event edit:
Guy in alliance says he got bear just as he announced his 411 time. He then seems to immiditly sell it for 2000 ectos and asks if that's a good price.
At first I raged, but then thought about it, and thought... wait, you can only do up to 1750 ectos in any given trade. So someone was willing to do a second trade for the final 250?


I was tempted to do my own freakout, and declare I got a double rainbow candy cane.
DOUBLE RAINBOW! OOooohhh! it's a double... double rainbow... oh ghhhoooooooooooood!

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