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Oh my, oh my

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Look at this:

(Canthan skin colour, Elonian hair colour black, Canthan haircut, and the cutest Tyrian face)

Also, I'm in love with Vabbian armor.

Looks like this new ranger has some goals, because I won't waste the make over tokens on anyone whom I don't play.

First, she actually needs to do Nolani and Althea's Ashes though.


Finished the Ascalon area and done some quests in Traveler's Vale/Iron Horse Mine.

  • Huh, interrupting with a bow sucks. I can only interrupt stuff with activation times of about 2 seconds reliably so far. (Yes, I suck, too). The problem is that I attack happily with my two attack skills, then I notice something going on that I want to interrupt - and the babe queues the distracting shot up for after all the other attacks. Ouchies.
  • Everyone switching to my target sucks as well, especially if there's a Stefan or Little Tom or Pet around.
  • Damage output in comparison with domination mesmering is hard to compare, but it gives me the gut feeling that it sucks.
  • Been using flatbow with Read the Wind now. The other bows did suck in different ways. Yes, even Recurve Bows didn't strike my fancy even though I give every Jin and Margrid one (the furry doesn't ever get used so he can keep whatever random crap he came with.)
  • Point Blank Shot's recharge time and damage don't suck, but it sucks to watch her run around on the battle field to get a shot into the target.
  • Alesia sucks, but that's nothing new.
  • I ran into two Dolyak Riders (& company) in the Iron Horse Mine just now. I already dread the bonus of Frost Gate now.
  • Well, now some good points: I did Althea's Ashes from Grendich Courthouse at level 12, and while Alesia sucked and Stefan died a couple of times, the ranger was perfectly safe at all times.
  • Also, I then moved with the slightly DP heavy team into Dragon's Gullet and cartographed it, killing a bunch of hydras and stuff; and again, the ranger neither died nor was ever in danger. Alesia hated it though, but that's why I am a R/Mo with Resurrect (I only use skills as they become available during skill quests or skill capturing, so I am out of luck concerning Rebirth or stuff yet.)

I think I'll get the MOX as soon as I am at LA and turn it into either a decent monk, or into an orders provider. It could also be a splinter weapon provider. Decent monk would be the wisest option though - I just hate Miss Bald Blonde "I use Healing Breeze against Shatter Enchantment mobs".

Also, given that Borlis Pass is the next mission, I am wondering and worrying what a person who actually relies on the usage of the weapon does with these missions in which you're carrying random crap as bundles around. Here in Borlis Pass, it shouldn't really matter - but I've never played an attacker in time critical missions like Arborstone or Boreas Seabed.

And finally, there's of course the option to rush to LA instead of failing in Frost Gate. I don't like that option though.


Yeah, okay. Deldrimor Bowl and Griffon's Mouth remain, then I'm done with the Northern Shiverpeaks.

  • Recurve Bows don't suck. With Read the Wind and a recurve bow, I can interrupt by far more easily than with the flatbow and Read the Wind. The problem is that I now have a not yet customized 10-15 dmg recurve bow, while the flatbow is a customized 11-18 dmg. This small and pathetic difference does make a significant difference when actually attacking something.
  • I've the feeling that I contribute about 33-50% to each kill. Killing mobs one by one sucks though in comparison to typical mesmer habits of calling something and hexing the rest of the mob.
  • Still using the same skillbar as in the Breach: Penetrating Shot, Distracting Shot, Point Blank Shot, Read the Wind, Lightning Reflexes, Troll Unguent, Comfort Animal, Resurrect. I put the points into Expertise until I rarely saw these annoying "not enough energy" messages anymore; now I put some points into marksmanship.
  • Upgraded most of the armor to Northern Shiverpeak collector standard. Except the boots, because I didn't find enough seeds yet.
  • Frost Gate bonus went strangely well. It's possible that here, unconditional damages dealt are more effective than reactive damages + interrupts. Alesia died a couple of times while I was exploring the village in the southeast though. Well done!
    Also, I myself had to run away at one and a half points here. I try to make a point and stand and tank stuff, because I clearly have more armor than the caster henchs do; however, Alesia usually also gets attacked and she has these inefficient crap skills that make her run out of energy so fast. So, when I was tanking in these 1.5 spots, I noticed that she wouldn't heal me no longer, so I ran away a bit.

Oh! And I have a plan for missions in which I'll spend most of the time being useless because I have to carry some random crap and/or chamberpots around: Go beastmastery there. That's still rangerish and I can direct the stupid cat with its control panel. Another reason to keep Comfort Animal on the skillbar for now, so that the cat can level up some more.


On the way to Bergen Hot Springs, Alesia performed really admirably. With that, I mean that she died over and over again, until the henchs had run out of res signets and until I had grown bored with having to resurrect her.

Might have been my fault for not bringing Throw Dirt (for the tengu warriors that all went for Alesia, I mean)? But where would I fit Throw Dirt onto my bar? I still need to level the cat, so I can't just dump it, and with only 2 normal attacking skills, I already feel quite naked and useless.

Alright then, MOX it is. I am not sure how to turn a useless dervish into a useful "monk" though. He could go prot/smite and lack energy management. Or he could go orders and provide some bad extra healing (and some extra enchantments to shatter, which might be problematic or useful, as then Alesia's healing breeze won't be the only enchantment to entertain the enchantment-shattering mobs).

I guess I'll try both.

And no, he won't run a normal dervish build at all; I don't want a level 20 to run the game for me. Not while I experiment with a class I never really learned much about.

... he could also spam spirits and steamroll the place. Hrm.

... and where do you get Rebirth, anyway? Fisherman's Haven or somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the Maguma Jungle?


"Dwayna's Healer" - I am sure that I could've picked better enchantments to feed the MOX, but it worked anyway. I just finished D'Alessio, and I had left Alesia at home. MOX did the healing through Avatar of Dwayna plus Infuse Health (I wasn't sure if the avatar still had a downtime or not, so I brought Infuse just for the case that there was a downtime.)

With the power of 4 offensive henchs, me dealing an astonishing ~150-200 damages per each ettin-type foe (Read the Wind, 13-25 15^50% dmg customized recurve bow, Penetrating + Point Blank), and the mad golem running around in the front lines (I guess he was eager to give the foes a taste of his flash enchantments, even though he's wielding a staff instead of his scythe), the killing was done speedily and it was fun.

A lot safer than with Alesia, too: nobody died or ever got close to dieing. That's a novel thing to experience after 16 levels in the lousy company of Alesia.

That MOX build might even work nicely in the Maguuma Jungle; though he needs some better self healing there, when they shatter all his enchantments and thus heal my party.

Still a survivor. I didn't mention yet that I am going for it in the hard way. (So, messing around with the healer seems like an excellent idea.)

One more observation: Playing ranger does not go well with testing new hero builds. When I do the latter, I tend to stare mostly at their skillbars to see if there are any problems. This meant that I missed a bunch of nibbles, animate minions, earth quakes, phantom pains, and even healing signets.

I should head towards nasty western Kryta next to upgrade at least some armor pieces to the new AR level. I mean, I got a bunch of collectables now, just waiting to be turned into a bunch of new socks.

Oh, and the chamberpot carrying in this mission was done nicely old school: defend Dorian first, then clear the path, then go and fetch the item and carry it all the way to the table.



Don't visit Verata with 2 warrior henchmen, a pet, no protector monk or rit, while wearing an amazing mix of AL 31-37 collector armor garbage pieces. Yeah, I am slowly beginning to appreciate armor now.

I seemed to remember that my survivor mesmers did just that, but it's possible that they had a Tahlkora at that point (and most certainly not 2 warrior henchmen, heck, not even one of these aggro multipliers).

Anyway, I didn't die. But that was thanks to the guildhall button in the end, because I thought it would still be a good idea to try and hug the southern edge of the map a tiny bit more. Those two mobs that Thom and Stefan had accumulated and who had sent Alesia into a state of 60% DP so quickly also thought that it was a good idea that I was wallhugging there and made a beeline towards me. Meep!

I'll call it a complete wallhug for now. That was a bit too close for my taste though.

That's the 2nd massive fail of this character, not counting the amazing trip to Bergen Hotsprings or all these failed interrupts. First fail was the encounter with 2 Dolyak Riders in the Iron Horse Mine.


I got Concussion Shot now. Now failing at interrupting will hurt my energy pool quite a lot.

Wandering through Stingray Strand, I was wondering if I shouldn't just upgrade at least some armor pieces by the means of the armor crafter there; but then I decided against it. This is probably foolish, because at the moment, I seem to be the yummiest target in the middle of lvl 15 henchmen.

I could only upgrade the boots to Krytan collector standard yet, because it turns out that I had quite a lot of collectables indeed, but not enough of the sorts that the armor collectors wanted. I've still hopes for the remaining collectors in Talmark Wilderness and Majesty Rest though - and if they fail me as well, I'll just skip them and work harder on the collectables in the Maguuma Jungle. If I recall them more or less correctly, then they weren't that hard to please.

Oh, and if there's more armor collectors in Twin Serpent Lakes, they're out of luck. I won't travel there yet; Twin Serpent Lakes is strongly connected to "past Hablion's death" in my mind.

Sure, you could say the same for anything taking place westward from the Temple of Ages, but I get around these quests (and their implication of "we're working against the white mantle now!") by not reading what the NPCs actually say.

Plotwise, I am a goon of the white mantle right now.

Anyway, I was thinking a bit about "how the plot of Prophecies could've been better". One thing would have helped for sure: if the chosen wouldn't just be called "Chosen Villager", but have names and perhaps a little quest involved or two. Then whatever happens to them in the Jungle would've had some impact on the player, contrary to how it was done in the game.


Uhm... I am not there yet, but Bloodstone Fen Bonus? With henchs and MOX? Ouchies.

Perhaps MOX will really run some sort of Alesia/Lina hybrid for that specific mission and be set to avoid combat. But... can I solo those moss scarabs?

Huh. All I know is that I definitely want to finish all the Prophecies missions properly this time. The title mess of Nefertari is giving me a headache, because she's doing everything and hasn't finished much yet. So, the ranger is supposed to be the complete contrast for that.

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  1. upier's Avatar
    While your babe looks quite fine, I adore these girls:

    Not a fan of Vabbi. It's actually one of my most disliked armours in the game.
  2. Lytha's Avatar
    The first one of yours looks exactly like my zaishen farming ranger.

    I adore these as well, but I think that the combination of all the cute features of all campaigns tops them.

    Definitely vabbian armor! Must have. This also will give her something to work for, because she's the experiment without xunlai access. Well... I am not a fan of any armor with some obstructing element on the right shoulder, which reduces the choices already quite a bit. And when I sent my other ranger into the HoM and looked at the armors in the account-wide view, I fell in love with the vabbian set. That other ranger was also the one who had a look at the makeover npc, in case you're wondering. :)
  3. upier's Avatar
    You need to make new posts - otherwise I forget to check your updates. >.>
    Did you think of running MOXY as a Dwayna-healer? Heck, you could also easily make him into a restoration/channeling hybrid - 12/12 - gives you enough slots for a few heals, you can bring the channeling e-management and Splinter/ARage. No need to even consider SoS.
  4. Lytha's Avatar
    He seems to perform relatively well with Order of Pain & some healing from Wind Prayers and Mysticism. Well, Alesia died anyway a couple of times... but he seems to like that build. It becomes very much fun when there's not just me and Thom, but also Reyna and Stefan around. I'm going to use that again for Verata and for the journey down to Southern Kryta.

    The smite/prot thing didn't seem to be that good instead when I had him run that in the Undead Hordes quest outside of Beetletun. Alesia did not die there, but everything was a lot slower than with the orders. Might have been because he preferred to put Judge's Insight onto Thom instead of me, and Thom did what melee AI does best: chasing foes all over the place instead of hitting.

    Restoration + Splinter/Ancestor's Rage... that sounds interesting, too.

    Dwayna healer... ? I need to check that skill, because I have no idea at the moment what this avatar actually does. Ah. Interesting. I am not sure with which skills you'd power him though.

    Right now, I've begun to worry a bit about WiK on her. 3 types of extra junk items to lug around in the course of that retarded questline... also, the questline demands that I must bring items to the most loathsome npc of the entire game; junk like a drake kebob, which requires another inventory slot. So, WiK is once again a very annoying obstacle for yet another character. :/
    Updated 14-06-2011 at 20:47 by Lytha
  5. upier's Avatar
    Having to do the protect Dorian mission (I keep thinking it's Boreas Seabed - but since that's in Factions this mission needs to be ... D'Saul?) the old fashioned way would have made me kill the guy.
    The ONLY way that I can muster though that mission is to pick up the pot, go to Dorian, flag down my guys and then go AFK. I can't deal with it other way.

    And all your adventures are really making me want to play my ranger a bit - but I think I over-did it with sports and now the muscles in my legs and arms hurt and the thing gets worse when I control a mouse with my right hand. So basically I am stuck moving the mouse around with my left hand and then typing until I feel like I need a rest and because that happens quite fast - it's not the best time to do anything really. >.>
    (And for the people that are now SUPER-concerned (), went to see the docs and there seems to be nothing wrong with me (blood, sugar, stuff like that) so I think I just need some rest. So I am catching up on Supernatural now since I can't do anything other than being a lazy bastard.)
  6. Lytha's Avatar
    D'Alessio Seaboard, yes.

    I'm still trying to learn to play a ranger here, so I just can't go afk while the undead run towards Dorian. I am also not entirely sure that the combination of MOX+lvl 10 henchs standing in a cluster around me would do a sufficient job there, when the undead elementalists knock the entire cluster down with their earthquakes.

    You know, my very first character in GW was a ranger. I thought that they were rogues then, and I roll rogues (or thief-mages, that is) in RPGs. That ranger made it no further than Borlis Pass, I think: I realized that rangers aren't rogues or thief-mages. Then I started my long road to the discovery of the mesmers.

    I had another ranger later on, who turned towards Beastmastery as soon as she had the skills for it. That one actually finished Prophecies and trapped some in UW; then I made the mistake of outfitting her with elite druid's armor, and the curse of ugly outfits did strike. I didn't like the look of her anymore, I didn't want to play her anymore, I deleted her after a while.

    Attempts to roll rangers again later were also beset by the curse of ugly outfits; though the last one also suffers from the curse of a not really adorable face & being a level 20, cartographing Ascalon (boooo-ring.)

    So, anyway: what I am doing here is discovering the class completely from the scratch. Beastmastery and some trapping is rangerish, but a ranger with a bow is something different.

    I am wondering now, just for instance, if I shouldn't try Apply Poison for a change. With Called Shot, I could get the poison through one of those warriors and rangers with blocking stances. Otherwise, the build probably won't change at all anymore in Tyria up to the point where I capture eliteskills (except Augury Rock), and that is boring.
    Updated 15-06-2011 at 10:58 by Lytha
  7. upier's Avatar
    Same here - I actually bought the game because of rangers.
    I REALLY enjoyed playing a druid in Neverwinter Nights and after seeing the GW ranger skills it felt right. I had this idea of making a ranger that would summon nature rituals and support the party and hinder the enemies that way. I made a guy - good thing with rangers is that they are really cute - and then got to the Catacombs, did the necromancer secondary quest and was never the same again. Deleted my ranger on the spot and made a MM.
    And then halfway though the story I grew tired of MMing (because it was so obscenely overpowered (running around with a massive army (that was before the minion limit) made the game into a cakewalk)) - and I almost quit GW. But then I tried curses and saw the beauty of non-damage offence - Shadow of Fear, Enfeebling Blood, Price of Failure with Arcane Conundrum from the mesmer secondary. I remember how the only thing I wanted for my build was a fast recharging slowdown and how that would make my guy into everything I ever wanted. Slow attacking, slow moving, weak hits or misses even ... good times!

    And then after completing the game with the necro I tried a mesmer and fell in love with inspiration energy denial. I remember running Energy Drain/Tap/Spirit Shackles/Mind Wrack/Signet Of Weariness during my FoW plays and actually seeing Mind Wrack trigger. I was a completely useless addition to the party - but with everyone being so bad, my e-denial actually made sense with matches taking forever.

    But now, I am feeling like a ranger again. I installed NWN again (deleted it almost instantly because it's so slow compared to GW) and wanted to play a druid again.
    I am also looking REALLY forward to playing a ranger in GW2 - I am guessing the guy will be quite sucktastic compared to other options, but the whole nature-pet thing just feels right. Also the reason why I made the new ranger.

    Man, that actually made me want to play a cursing necro again.

    Undead are immune to poison as are some other creatures so Apply is a bit of a waste.
  8. Lytha's Avatar
    Rangers caught my attention because they were ranged combat and because they had traps. This sounded very rogue-like to me, just the way I like to play games: Setting up a trap in the corner, then waiting in cover until the target walked into the trap, and finish him off with the bow. For instance, in Oblivion you'll usually see my character stand on top of some rocks so that the wolves and daedra can't hit me in melee. From up there, I shoot arrows into their faces. I find this oddly rewarding.

    Hrm... re: Apply Poison. Clerics and Grasps should be poisonable, I think. Also, I am now in western Kryta and will walk towards Fisherman Village next, and I don't recall any undead or elementals there. But the problem with AppPoison is that I will feel tempted to spread it all over the hostiles, and this will push Thom and Stefan and pet into an irritating state of confusion. And I don't have enough attribute points to spread them into 3 different attribute lines yet.