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Brain storming for GW2 character background lore

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"We live. We are the world."

"We are alive, we are one. We are offspring of the world."

"We are one, but not the same. We can't reach everywhere. Why?"

"We dream the same dream. Our dream is the past of the world. We are not alone in this world."

"We think in our dream. We feel. We have a center. The Pale Tree. The world is Tyria."

"We hear voices or our brothers and sisters, of others. The sap of life is flowing through the Pale Tree, is flowing through us."

"We hear dreaming voices and awakened voices. We are part of the Pale Tree, but not whole."

"We listen to the voices of the Dream of Dreams. We remember. We learn. We grow."

"We understand the Dream of Dream. We understand time. We listen more. We are seeds."

"We see the others in this world. They are old, we are new. We are saplings, we keep growing."

"They have names for everything, they are not one in the Dream of Dreams. We feel the sap of life flowing through our veins. We can stretch to the sun and root in the earth."

"We are Sylvari and I am one of them."