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Deciding on the new pretty!

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My FA adventures earned me enough ecto for a new FoW set! (Sold another 60 keys yesterday! )
Which brings up the question - assassin (again) or ranger?
I am kind of leaning towards the assassin because I REALLY can't get into the ranger in PvE, and PvP-only guys are insanely superior for PvP.

I'll probably wait a bit longer and see which guy I have more fun with.

(And deleted my necro and my old mesmer - which means I am now down to 5 PvP guys - rit, mesmer, ranger, *** and monk. I don't play the rit anymore and the other 4 are earning their survivor, so there's not really much I can do with them other than slowly advance though the stories.)

Also - not liking the new GW2 videos. The art of the catacombs-trailer is FANTASTIC, everything else looks kind of ... well ... previously seen.


  1. Lytha's Avatar
    I saw an extremely pretty male mesmer in FA the other day. He was Elonian, second or thirst darkest skin clour, black hair (no #1), the face was the first one in the second row, I think. He was wearing some EotN armor (monument, I think), and glasses and he looked so pretty that I almost wanted to jump at him.

    Just as a suggestion for some really hot pretty.
  2. upier's Avatar
    FA is bringing in more money than I could ever dream of getting from playing PvE. So right now I am just thinking of waiting a few more weeks and just getting FoW for both guys.
    (Although FoW + chaos gloves for the ranger still sounds VERY yummy!)

    Been wasting by playing a Vanquisher in Torchlight a bit. It's SO hard to go back to playing a ranger in GW1 after that. >.>