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Temporary ban.

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Bugging support about which name I got banned for - although I am guessing it was for Seaman.
And if I was - fits will be thrown because that name is a direct reference to A sticky operation.


  1. Lytha's Avatar
    Yes, they have always been strange in that regard. "Damn" was censored from the beginning in your own lines (if you played with the word filter on), and yet, there are these "Damned Clerics". It was fun to ping them. "I am targetting ----ed Cleric!".

    Also, it's filtering for English only, as far as I know. So, you can curse as much and as vile as you please in your native tongue.

    If they banned you for this character name, while having a multitude of NPCs around with the same name, then they're indeed bigots. But we already knew that.
  2. upier's Avatar
    Yeah, I got the ban because of Seaman.
    Now given the fact that the name actually appears in game, thus creating the impression that the use of the name is in no way prohibited, on the contrary I would say the use is actually promoted, I suggested that they either lift my ban or rename the quest (and the seamen in it). We'll see how they respond.

    Good thing I don't have GW to play so that I can ***** about this.
    But seriously, I nearing the end of the story in Torchligh and just a level away from unlocking Arrow Hail, which is like Barrage on crack. Looking forward to that!
    The girl has been surprisingly fun to play!
  3. upier's Avatar
    The ticket is being escalated to a senior staff member.
    I am guessing they'll take their time, get back to me once my temp ban runs it's course and tell me that they can't do anything about it.
  4. Lytha's Avatar
    Yes, once it's down to a couple of hours, they'll actually look at the ticket and then decided that it'll sort out itself shortly anyway.

    You know the name ban that I find most unsettling is that "Jewel" is forbidden as a name. Not only because anything with "Christian" or "Muslim" or "Hindu" is perfectly allowed (as far as I know), but also because Kamadan is called "Kamadan, Jewel of Istan". Also, Jewels aren't really about religion, are they?