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So, who gets the FoW armor?

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Four choices, basically.

  • The oldest character.
  • The currently only GWAMM.
  • The GWAMM in progress.
  • The monkit.

A little background for each, perhaps?

The oldest is a female Tyrian mesmer. I had stopped playing her in around year 2 of her life, recently I turned her into a survivor. I then intended to use her for my new HM attempts, but then I realized that she just looks too much like the currently only GWAMM on my account.

She would deserve a FoW set, because she's the oldest character of the account, looks nice, has a decent name, and wears black rogue outfits anyway. FoW wouldn't break her style.

This GWAMM, Juliania, is also a female Tyrian mesmer. She looks *identical* to the oldest one, because I basically had re-rolled that oldest character on a new slot. Juliania does not wear that armor type at all.

She would deserve the FoW set, because she is the GWAMM, has the highest amount of XP, and could use more stuff in her wardrobe.

The GWAMM in progress is an Elonian mesmer, definitely the prettiest face+hair combination I've come up with yet. But ... no, scratch that. FoW is absolutely not her style.

The monkit is the only monk on my account, occasional PvP toons aside. She's relatively old, but stuck in her HM activities because she's only getting playtime outside of FA and JQ when guildie is online, and guildie seems to have lost interest in GW for now.

She would deserve the FoW set because I think that I am not doing too bad a job at monking, and who knows, maybe the pants would match some of her other armor choices. Somewhat.

Well, so it's down to oldest vs. GWAMM now.

Juliania would probably come up with some armor combinations for the skirt and for the top, while the oldest character would just have that armor set and do nothing with it.

Updated 28-06-2011 at 22:54 by Lytha



  1. upier's Avatar
    I'd waste it on a girl that you actually play and plan on playing.
    I'd say that eliminates the old girl and the GWAMM.

    Maybe save the money and waste it on a new girl?
    A paragon maybe? Rits are also to die for!
  2. Lytha's Avatar
    Paragons and Ritualists bore me. I have both, and they never see any action. The paragon even got advanced into mule-mode before s(3).

    I still do play the GWAMM sometimes, it's not as if she's just sitting around now.

    Still thinking that the combinations of FoW skirt with a different top, and FoW top with rogue-like pants would match the old one much better, but that one really doesn't see gameplay anymore.

    Of course, I could save more money and waste it on more ectos so that I could afford 1 and a half FoW sets (the GWAMM might enjoy the FoW skirt in combinations as well), but ectos are more expensive than I anticipated. So it would be a while until I had enough money for that.
  3. upier's Avatar
    Do you already have the FoW-HoM point or is this your attempt of getting it?
  4. Lytha's Avatar
    I don't have wasted money on a FoW armor yet, so this would be the FoW point.
  5. upier's Avatar
    The GWAMM wanna-be is Nefe, right?
    I just looked her up and she's STUNNING! Too bad you aren't feeling the idea of a set on her, because I think I'd love it.
  6. Lytha's Avatar
    Yes, I thought that just now as well when I looked at her. But it would need to be white or yellow, like the Vabbi set that she's wearing now.

    On Di Borgia (the oldster), it would be black for the somewhat kinky look.

    On Juliania, I really don't know. She's wearing stuff like normal luxon tops and pants at the moment, or anything soft and silky, really.
  7. upier's Avatar
    Do it, do it, DO IT!
    I was thinking white also after seeing her - I think the contrast between her skin-tone and the armour would be insane! (Same contrast as the hair-style and and the black skin-tone on my boy.
    Oh, and speaking of my pretty, I got him the Illusion mask!

    Poor angle, but I am still 35 hours from being able to see my pretties again so an older picture needs to suffice. >.>)

    Did you think of asking someone with FOW if they'd lend it to you so that you can test it out a bit in the dye-preview?
  8. Lytha's Avatar
    Well, I still need to get the shards and some more ectos (not to forget, 150 more cloth or so), so I still have some more time to decide.

    She definitely sees a lot of playtime at the moment, one mission and one vanquish a day or so (perhaps some side quest along with these, perhaps a dungeon as well). So the FoW set wouldn't just gather dust somewhere.

    On the other hand, I just love her in the Vabbi set.
  9. upier's Avatar
    Why haven't I seen her in Vabbi yet?!?!
    Pictures! NOW!
    Updated 29-06-2011 at 14:14 by upier (I think I had two sentences in my head and they came out as one. >.>)
  10. Lytha's Avatar

    The feet are cut off, but I am sure you know how the Vabbi shoes look like.
  11. Age's Avatar
    I would say it is really up to you Lytha if it were me my Monk definitely but she is my main.

    I would take a look around at other Mesmers who look like your as well as Monks .That are wearing FoW.I want to get set to for mine Monk if I could Warrior as well.
  12. upier's Avatar
    Yeah, I think she'd look superbly in FoW. Especially white.
    I'd add a mask though - I LOVE the Inspiration one (the cat-eyes) and the veil one.

    Love this girl!
  13. Lytha's Avatar
    That's creepy. I'm also a huge fan of the inspiration mask and the veil.

    I saw someone looking almost like her (hair colour was different) on the Embark Beach yesterday, in the 15k nightie in shining bright white. While the cut of the nightie is not what I am aiming for, the white clashed superbly with her skin colour indeed.

    The main issue would be the boots. I don't fancy the space ranger boots of the FoW set at all. And yet, I am not sure which ones I'd use instead. On Juliania, this would be the least of my troubles, because she has plenty of boots by now.

    Age: My monk is one of the little punks with dreadlocks, from Elona. She likes to wear stuff like Luxon rags most of the time, finds Primeval armor amusing, or she's sporting a combination of Wanderer's skirt (or Ascalon Pants) + Kurzick 1k top. Ancient boots in combination with the Wanderer's skirt should make anyone cringe (behold the red woolen socks!), but she sometimes likes that look just as well, if she can't find her Jesus sandals or Shing Jea rubber boots for once.

    Going FoW from there is a huge step, and not particularly one that would suit her well.
  14. Age's Avatar
    I would go for Luxon elite it looks really good on Mesmers like the Eles does.I was going to get my Ele Luxon but now it is 15k Canthan as she spends a lot of time there.My Mesmer spends a lot of time in Elona.

    I like that combo Ascalon pants and Kurzick top as the pants dyed blue look like jeans and the top dyed black looks like leather jacket.Your Monk and mine should meet up sometime.
    Updated 02-07-2011 at 08:31 by Age
  15. Lytha's Avatar
    Nefertari wasn't looking for a slut outfit, really. (Elite Luxon.)

    In fact, she wasn't looking for any new outfits. It's just that she might be the one who might look best in the FoW set that I'm getting in a couple of days.
    Updated 01-07-2011 at 09:05 by Lytha
  16. Nikhera's Avatar
    If I was to pick FoW for a character, I would choose based on how two things crossed:

    how much I like and play the character.
    How nice the armor looks.

    I like the look of the Monk FoW, even though I play my Ele the most. So Nika the monkie would probably get it.

    I wouldn't get it on a character that just gathers dust. Get out there and strut around in the outfit! :D

    And I actually think your beautiful mesmer up there would look great in FoW, in some warm sultry colour like deep red or magenta. (But not too dark so it stands out against her skin.)
  17. Lytha's Avatar
    Who gets played:

    - Nefertari (screenshot above, ~1/4 done on the HM title tracks)
    - the new ranger girl (no xunlai access planned)
    - my Monkit (guildie wanted to play GW again yesterday, whee; that aside: JQ and FA.)
    - the mesmer in pre (gift collector)
    - the zaishen farmers (ele and ranger, pvp chars)
    - GWAMM Juliania on Saturday evenings.
    - oldster Mesmer might see playtime again in the future
    - that cute male Mesmer might be rolled in the future

    Armor would look good and somewhat matching their estabilished armor habits:
    [X] Nefertari
    [-] monkit, ranger, pre-character, pvp characters, male mesmers
    [?] Juliania. (Skirt would be nice to have for armor combinations. The other 3 pieces... nope.)
    [X] oldster
    [x] paragon and ritualist mules.


    I'd say I like Juliania, monkit and Nefertari similarly. Oldster has been sitting around too long in a semi-mule state, even though she had that short-lived revival recently.

    Matching these three criteria, Nefertari would get the [x].
    But maybe I should save money and get an additional skirt for Juliania, afterwards.
  18. Age's Avatar
    Who ever gets it just as long as you are happy with it.It would be nice to know your secret to getting the ecto and shards?
  19. Lytha's Avatar
    Alright, here's my unique and wonderful "secret":

    - Do zaishen quests, especially the vanquishes.
    - Pick up everything while doing so.
    - Identify everything.
    - Sell it to the merchant.
    => earn money.

    - Resist the urge to buy other armor or lockpicks or whatever for a while.
    - Check out the price of ecto and shard at the rare material trader.
    - If price is acceptable, waste the earned money on the ectos and shards.
    => put ectos and shards into the xunlai chest.

    I did waste quite some extra money there, because ectos are now quite a bit cheaper than during the last week. I didn't know that they would drop to 7k. But whatever.

    And I also bought some in ToA, but standing around and checking the trade spam while waiting that someone takes on my own offer is just too unproductive for me.

    To be very blunt: the whole "I could waste some money on a FoW set" thing started when my xunlai chest couldn't hold any more money, while Nefertari was still merrily bringing in more. That issue is rectified now . You earn quite a lot of gold while just playing the game.
    Updated 02-07-2011 at 09:55 by Lytha
  20. Lytha's Avatar
    For instance: My ranger girl has just finished Sanctum Cay and she's now wielding 21k in her pockets. This character hasn't opened the xunlai chest yet, so it's all her own earnings.

    Now that she's in the Crystal Desert, where even an identified white drop is worth ~60-70g each, she'll easily get 1-2k per map.

    Even if you're spending 90k on signets of capture (I won't, because I've purchased 2 skills so far, so the first signets are very cheap), and get the armor from Drok's, you'll have a nice abundance of money after the first time through Tyria.

    The other chapters are similar, even though Cantha sucks up the gold faster for the signet of captures, because so many bosses sit around right outside of outposts.

    I am quite confident that this ranger girl will be more or less easily able to afford the Vabbi armor that I've set for her as a goal; and that not just at the end of the HM adventures.