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THE place for cootie shots!


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After further review it appears this account was blocked in error. The account has been unblocked and you should be able to access it immediately. I apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.


GM Oghma
The Guild Wars Support Team


  1. Lytha's Avatar
    Wow, that's a surprise. And you were allowed to keep the minor innuendo in the character's name?
  2. upier's Avatar
    Aye, I sent them an email explaining the thing:
    Hello again.
    Thanks for the answer.
    The problem though is that the name, "Smelly Seaman", is a direct reference to a currently available Guild Wars quest - A Sticky Operation.
    If the name really is problematic, I would have expected the the name would not be appearing in the game itself because it can lead to problems such as this, where players are in absolutely no way able to tell that the behaviour they are engaging in is actually problematic. On the contrary, the in-game use of the term makes us believe that using the term is completely acceptable.
    Now, since I find the quest itself a humorous (albeit stupid) addition to the GW universe, I wish to propose that my character's name, Smelly Seaman, is viewed the same, stupid, but acceptable. If that isn't possible, then I must insist on the removal (or renaming) of the above mentioned quest (and the seamen in it) to prevent further problems.

    Thank you and best regards.
    I am guessing they realized that it's much less work to just leave the name than to rework the game itself.
  3. Lytha's Avatar
    I am still surprised.

    Welcome back!
  4. Nikhera's Avatar
    I love how your message totally shut them down with no hope of rebuttal. Good job :D