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Err... didn't I just write "no FoW armor yet"?

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So, here is it. I got the money from plundering my other characters of their last few gold coins.

I didn't go for pure white, because I am really not much a fan of the pure dye colours. It would look good on the top piece, but I think I like white+yellow+orange better.

The skirt simply has to be brown+black, because it clips horribly into her butt when zoomed out or while running. At this colour, the clipping buttcheeks fit right in, and it isn't obvious anymore.

Oh yeah, and I also got the boots, but I have already put them into the shelf. That's no boots that Nefertari would wear.

... yeah anyway. You could do some spiffy things both with the top and the skirt and other armor pieces. Like FoW top + Vabbi pants, or some other pants. The FoW skirt might also go well with things like the luxon tops.


I also got the missing Luxon gloves and boots for my monk after checking out that the FoW armor would indeed have looked stupid on her.

Then I checked out the luxon armor on Nefertari and it would have looked extremely slutty on her indeed...

The FoW set would've looked decent on Juliania. I guess that if I should become too wealthy again at some point, she'll get the top and the skirt as well. Well, at least the skirt.

FoW set on rangers looks stupid - but oh yes, I am still in love with that Vabbian set.

Updated 09-07-2011 at 16:20 by Lytha



  1. upier's Avatar
    Gratz on the armour!
    She's looking stunning! Too bad that the skirt can't be of the same colour as the top though! :(
    Blasted glitches!
  2. Lytha's Avatar
    Thank you. :)

    Pure black might work for the skirt as well (and look a bit better), but I really don't like the sight of her butt poking through the cloth.
  3. Nikhera's Avatar
    She looks fantastic in it! ^_^
  4. upier's Avatar
    Bah, the orange-ish looks very sweet against her skin-tone, and I don't think black would look as nicely - I LOVE the neck detail!

    Oh - so now that you added the set you can preview it HoM also! That's like the best thing ever - a fashion show with all the girls, but you just need to buy the pretty for one! How do you like the FOW on the monk?
    And I do love the boots on Nefe! Much more than the Kurzick (?) one in the picture.

    OMG - I am REALLY liking this set on your girl! Kind of makes me want to make a girl and get her FOW also! ^^
    But I KNOW I shouldn't! So please, keep telling me I shouldn't! ^^
  5. Age's Avatar
    Congrats on finally getting it.

    I would dye it all white she would look better that way.
  6. Lytha's Avatar
    Well, upier, I think you should roll a female mesmer to dress her in FoW. oops, that's not what I was supposed to say, was it? ;)

    Yes, I checked out the armor gallery with the monkit and with a ranger.

    The monkit went ahead and completed her luxon set as an immediate reaction to that (so now I have the full HoM points for the armors, because I needed another set). A FoW set is definitely not made for her. It doesn't look as completely rubbish and clowny as the male set does, but it crashes unhappily with her dreadlocks and usual style. Also, it just doesn't look good. Elite Kurzick, on the other hand, might be something for her in the future. Because my monkit needs to have more armors than you'd find in the wardrobes of all my mesmeresses combined.

    I am also not fond of FoW on a ranger. It just doesn't look neither rangerish nor good.

    My other characters wouldn't get new armor sets anyway, because they're not played anymore. So I didn't even look.

    Age: Thank you for the input. I think I'll stick with the bright orange-yellow then.
    Updated 10-07-2011 at 10:54 by Lytha
  7. Lytha's Avatar
    I just re-dyed the skirt in black - looks nicer that way, really.

    Anyway, to give you an impression of the clipping issue:

    Brown skin on a black skirt is not as bad. If the skirt is however brightly dyed, then it looks as if she was pooping into it with every step.

    This only occurs if you're zoomed out next to the max... which is the zooming factor I usually play in.

    That is quite an issue, in my humble opinion; so white skirts are definitely out.

    Keep the clipping issue in mind when you roll your female mesmer, upier!

    Anyway, here she is again:

    Updated 10-07-2011 at 11:30 by Lytha
  8. Age's Avatar
    Ok.It is your Mesmer so your call if it were mine it would go maybe pink seeing as how mine is Tyrian.
  9. Lytha's Avatar
    The black border of the skirt participates in the clipping issue. There is a reason why almost everyone dyes the skirt in dark colours. It looks probably bad no matter what on a whitey character and most just wear it for the prestige factor or something.

    I was too busy yesterday to stare much at the butts of Nela or Anya while we were running around; but I know that there is some clipping when they're standing around.
  10. upier's Avatar
    Holy **** - she's SO stunning above her waist!
    I get the black skirt with the black details on her other armour pieces, but still, it's SUCH a waste that A.Net's quality controllers are this lazy! :(