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HoM done.

Got my monitor back, so I started up GW and dedicated the weapons I had. Had to go out and buy the Destroyer Scythe since I was missing one weapon (I initially thought I'd get the Tormented Staff, but I have no guy that would need it and I can't be bothered to play for it) and then I was done.

Now I don't need to worry about getting hacked anymore - unless they get in and delete my GWAMM.


  1. Lytha's Avatar
    Hehe, nice.

    I don't think that I will ever fill mine, because I refuse to stand around in Kamadan, trying to buy stupid minis. And because I really can't be bothered to get the ugly weapons at all.
  2. upier's Avatar
    I needed some 5 or so weapons (daggers, bows, mesmer weapons) and the rest were completely wasted. There's no reason why my assassin would have a sword or an axe, let alone multiple swords or axes. >.>
    As for minies - I just collected them over the years and got a few from some nice people. I think I ended up buying 5 or less.

    But yeah, as I was throwing a fit on Guru2, I agree - HoM is designed insanely poorly. The whole point of HoM is to have pretty items and then A.Net limits what they consider pretty. I'd be running around with the Nightfall end-game green daggers (the Oni ones) if I didn't need these skins for HoM. Asura bow instead of Tormented. The metal chakram instead of the Tormy focus.
    I absolutely play for the pretty - but just because something is super expensive, that doesn't make it pretty.
  3. Lytha's Avatar
    Yes. FoW armor is another example for "expensive is not automatically pretty". Well... some mesmeresses look good in the top and the skirt ( ), but the boots are extremely ugly and the gloves just look like all of the other gloves do.

    And for some professions, FoW is one of the ugliest choices, in my opinion.

    Yeah well. I will get 3 more points in the next 2 weeks, because I plan on continuing my daily 6k zaishen elite farming for zkeys.

    Minis... I have 29 now. I didn't buy or sell any, I just dedicated them on Juliania. That's still a lot missing.

    And weapons. Heh, I have some WiK stuff now (staff, wand, focus). It was completely empty before. But yes, now that I have discovered that DoA isn't actually all that bad, I might get a full gem set in a while and add a tormented weapon. And well, I have more than enough diamonds and onyxes for the destroyer crap, but they're so awfully ugly that I don't want them at all.
  4. upier's Avatar
    So, a few hours after I got my monitor back I was greeted with a stuck pixel RIGHT in the middle of the screen. Now I ALWAYS have a cross-hair with me - even when I am writing stuff in Word. >.>

    Trying to get it unstuck and if that doesn't work - it's back to the shop. Or, hopefully, they'll just give me a refund.
  5. Nikhera's Avatar
    Agreed on the weapon thing. HoM just makes no sense that way. You have to customize the weapons to the character. Ok, but what use does a profession X have for every single item from the other 9 professions? Srsly. At least not you can switch between account and character view so you don't have to dedicate your bow on an Elementalist, but a Ranger instead. Still, though.

    This is all hype backlash. Anet was so hush hush about the whole thing and the reality was much different from the expectation. If they had given us more details, maybe not so many people would be disappointed.

    Anyways, congrats on the full HoM! Enjoy the spoils :D ...well, in the future anyways!
  6. Lytha's Avatar
    You can give the bows and daggers and other random junk to the heroes of the character who put them into the HoM.
  7. upier's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Lytha
    You can give the bows and daggers and other random junk to the heroes of the character who put them into the HoM.
    Yeah, being too cheap to buy Koss some runes while having him run around with Tormented weapons sounds like a plan!
  8. Lytha's Avatar
    Yes, I think so too!

    Seriously... most of those skins are so ugly that only a Koss would enjoy to run around with them.