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Well... that was fun.

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I had done almost all of the Slavers' semibosses before, while I was juggling my dungeon master books and my EotN NM points. Forgewright I had done after the accident in the Snowmen dungeon - so there was only Duncan left.

I had accepted the Zaishen bounty for him, thinking that it might be manageable.


So it was. It had looked quite a bit hairy at the first mob (not enough minions on my side or something), but after that, it all went remarkably well. Even a triple aggro of Restless Dead was no problem, same for a double aggro of Restless Dead and a group of Summit.

However, cleaning the chamber of spirits is just boring. Alright, I overdid it by pulling them all really out of the room, into the corridor. The furthest ones were down the first set of stairs outside of the chamber. I did that so that I could pull the other spirits in peace without getting attacked by 30 mad spirits.

I died once while doing so; that was because after one hour of spirit pulling I had forgotten that there was still 1 Restless Dead in the way, and he bodyblocked me. Ogden was away at that time.

So, I have done now what I swore never to do - a Slavers' Exile in a HM dungeon master book. And it didn't even suck too badly. Crazy.

WoC Minister Cho HM is worse.

Also, I don't understand how the morale boost works in there. I didn't notice any boss creatures; I didn't use DP removers or Morale Boosters; and yet, there they all sit on +10% Morale. Some of them had died during the first few Summit encounters.

What's more - I am positively sure that I was as -7% when the Restless Dead had killed me. And afterwards, I was at -5%. The 50xp that you get for killing a Restless Dead don't remove 2% of the DP.

Are Restless Dead bosses or something?

Updated 12-07-2011 at 13:39 by Lytha