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Nikhera's GW Rantings

I can't believe it's done!

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So, on Friday, I got this:

And then, after three straight days of hugging walls and glitching portals and swearing at having to do Remain of Sahlahja to map the Dynastic Tombs, I got this:

So, in conclusion, this:

Yeah, I know. Took me long enough. :p

I'm going to reward Elo with Elite Sunspear. I need it for HoM - plus, with her darker skin, she now looks fantastic in bellydancer type armor. :3


  1. upier's Avatar
    Very nice!
    Can't wait to see the girl slutting it with up the Elite Sunspear!
  2. Lytha's Avatar
  3. Nikhera's Avatar
    Thanks guys :D I'm going to do Cantha next!

    Anyways, speaking of Elite Sunspear, here it is:

    I love it even more than I thought I would
  4. upier's Avatar
    Probably my favourite female ele armour. It's one of the sets that is testing my determination to not make female characters!

    LOVE the gloves!
  5. Lytha's Avatar

    Now you need to get a paperfan focus item and a paperfan weapon, and you have the full harem lady outfit. ;)

    It looks good indeed. :)
  6. Age's Avatar
    Congrats on a fine jop.

    My fav. Ele armour is Elite Canthan.