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Sweet. Nefertari's Sunspear points are maximized now.

Next could be Vanguard, then Norn, then Asura, then Lightbringer, and finally Deldrimor... but the Zaishen have a weird order for the things to do.

It helps to try and not be in any hurry or anal-retentive mode there - the latter meant that my other vanquishers did Tyria and Cantha before Elona, so their Cry of Pain (the only PvE skill that I really like to use) was sub par.

Nefertari can now do the last half of the vanquishes with the CoP at the max.

Sunspear: 50,011 (yay!)
Vanguard: 153,586
Asura: 135,006
Norn: 129,484
Deldrimor: 102,475 (thank you, Arachni HM for the ~10k points )
Lightbringer: 41,527

hrmmmmmm... oh how pathetic can you get. I am a bit annoyed that Nefertari's progress will be put on HALT next month due to me apparently going to spend most of that month in a cancer clinic. Would've liked to have another GWAMM, but I guess the priorities are in flux now.

.............. Anyway, Agent just hit the max.

Still undone Vanguard stuff:
- Sacnoth Vanquish
- Temple of the Damned
- Warband of Brothers HM
- Assault on Stronhold HM

In other words, there are plenty more reputation points.

The secret for Kathandrax, well, the many secrets:
- Someone needs WW, another one needs Pain Inverter => Gwen doesn't mind being micromanaged with the WW
- Flag management. 1 Flag for all H is enough
- Isildur itself: Flag Olias (or a more or less redundant hero without res) near the shrine.
- Also, just run into a magma ball when you're the last one standing.

Wasn't that bad in the end. I needed no DP removers at all.

Updated 30-07-2011 at 21:39 by Lytha



  1. Age's Avatar
    Congrats on your Mesmer titles.
  2. upier's Avatar
    Woo-hoo, very nice!

    And I ALWAYS preferred Cry of Frustration over Cry of Pain. I guess it comes from the fact that I fell that CoP is a 2-slot skill, since I never use mesmer hexes in PvE (outside of Guilt, but that doesn't really work with CoP) and to get everything out of the skill I then need to slot a mesmer hex that I don't care for.
    Plus the Norn shouts are my favourite caster options - I am addicted to fast casting options, and it doesn't get faster than a shout!
    (Favourite PvE skill still is Brawling Headbutt though. Used on a male assassin, although the male rit isn't that bad either.)
  3. Lytha's Avatar
    Hey, I have both on my bar, upier. I prefer CoF as well; CoP is on the flexible utility slot most of the time ("shall I bring CoP or Wastrel's Worry here in this area with foes who like WW?") CoF is fabulous and awesome. "#?!?$!" ftw.

    Well, except in DoA, there goes my Power Spike (for a Mistrust) and the CoP stays. Energy issues ftw, but DoA requires some AoE.

    Speaking of DoA, Foundry is making me angry once again. I keep failing there whenever I do a "I'm going into DoA for a 'full run' now, because the Zaishen told me to kill some Stygian Lords".

    Even if I am entering the Foundry directly, as I am doing now ("The Zaishen told me to kill the Black Beast of Arrghllllstfu"), I keep failing. Just now I failed against a mob that seemed to consist of 8 Anguishers even though we did fine. Suddenly all the heroes died of degen. And I had forgotten to pack a bunch of Scrolls of Resurrection. GAH. Totally pathetic, because that was the last-to-one mob in the giant room of pain during the cleansing operation (before rescuing the first NPC moron in that room).

    I will get that bounty for the Aaargh thing though! Just you wait, you thing. :grrr:

    Well, at least I seem to have a knack for rooms #2 and #3 now. Never wiped in room #2 yet on Nefertari, and room #3 just requires some patience before rushing the heroes into their corner. (Until the Miseries are gone).
    Updated 17-07-2011 at 15:21 by Lytha