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Change of Pace

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Well, since currently, it seems like Vanquishing won't be possible in Cantha, (oops ) I've had to resort to other tactics to get another title. Specifically...

My thoughts: It was not as hard as expected. Maybe it's because I know the missions and the tricks after years of playing, or maybe my heroes are just that good. Anyway, I only started this morning. Now it is finished.

Here's how it went, step by step:

My build was more or less the same each mission unless otherwise noted.

Myself: SF, plus Pain Inverter and Technobabble
Livia: SS Necro
Olias: MM, plus support skills
Master of Whispers: Resto healer
Gwen: Tease + Dom
Xandra: SoS Spirit Spammer
Tahlkora: Regular prot build
Lasts slot is flexible, but usually it ended up being Ogden, whom I've had set to a RoJ smiter for a different build I was trying. I like it though >.>

Minister Cho's Estate: ...there is really nothing to say, haha. I shaved down my usual build to a spirit spammer, MM and monk. I had Searing Flames...as always.

Zen Daijun: I expanded by bringing Gwen and Master of Whispers, who's a N/Rt resto healer. Aaand...herp derp, Yijo made me wipe. Twice. I don't know what Gwen was doing, but being stuck on a tiny bridge does not help! Anyway, it only took me under 10 minutes to get to that point each time, so the third attempt, I manually put Prot Spirit and Spirit Bond on myself and bore the brunt of Yijo's attacks. Then the minions went it and they along with Paint Inverter took care of the rest.

Vizunah Square: No humans, henches only. No bugs encountered. Did it in 25:25. No deaths that I can remember, either.

Nahpui Quarter: Started at Hai Ji the Phoenix, because turtles and smiting monks rob me of bodies and smite my minions. Went well, despite getting lost at some point. Got a celestial shield. Crappy stats, though.

Tahnnakai Temple: Did some careful pulling there, especially where there were a lot of temple guardians, but finished quickly. Got req. 9 15^50 Plagueborn Daggers from a chest. Yay!

Arborstone: Running around with the urn pisses me off. First, it's because heroes don't like to listen when my character pings "I'M FOLLOWING WARDEN OF SPRING." And also, monsters don't like to target me as much, it seems, because I have pretty high health. So I never recharge the damn thing. But if I drop it, Danika throws a hissy fit. Right at the very end, when I was fighting the stone guardians, I dropped the urn. Danika then proceeded to run right into the warrior boss, and just stand there. A little bit later, after I killed it and she was no longer in mortal danger, she proceeds to tell me that leaving her ancestor's urn on the dirty floor is rude. Clearly, she was so offended she tried to sabotage me by committing suicide. Next time she does it, I will take the urn and clobber her with it.

Boreas Seabed: Uneventful, Argo didn't even use his stupid cry thing before he went down :p But I was poised with interrupts, if necessary. Anyhow, the spear gave me a scare and took off half my party's health before the last champion fight. Is that supposed to happen? XD

Sunjiang District: Honestly, why did I even carry that stupid urn? Did I have to? Should have taken the spear instead. Anyway, aside from that, fast and easy.

Gyala Hatchery: Switched it up and changed into an E/R bonder. I bonded all the baby turtles and siege turtles. I hate the idea of going the long way. So I kept up Protective Bond using Ether Renewal, some more enchants and Burning Speed as my energy management :D Was fun. I like bonding! If you ever try it in this mission, make sure you turn Kurzick Rits into a priority because they bring disenchantment. And if you have human players, decide how many canisters to take. If you take only one, all turtles will fire at the same target and spike it. My bonds dropped at some points because I wasn't paying enough attention, and since I was holding the canister my staff wrapping of enchanting had no effect. I lost one siege turtle that way. But after that, no more problems.

Eternal Grove: This was easily the hardest mission I tried. And it was incredibly fun, too! I set Livia and Olias up as MMs, with Shadowsong, Pain and a few other spirits. I flagged them to the northern and southern gate, respectively. I put Master of Whispers in the middle with his usual build, plus Recuperation. I set two juggernauts when they showed up to either gate, and the last one followed me. I only left the gate to kill the two siege turtles that arrive on the western hill. The trick is that you only need to kill these two to trigger the cutscene. The rest of the Luxons and siege turtles will turn into your allies when the afflicted come, as long as you don't attack them. Which I did not :D Once the afflicted arrived, I ran back and forth between the gates, taking out the afflicted as necessary. Once or twice, one of my MMs would die, but Xandra was quick to give the Afflicted targets with her spirits. And with a surplus of Luxon Rangers and Warriors and their pets, the tree singers were never targeted. It took me a few tries, because the first couple times some afflicted slipped past Olias and pommeled the poor singers, but the last time it went very well.

Unwaking Waters: Dropped Ogden for Jin with Broad Head Arrow. All henchmen on the other side. Not a single death! I did it in 4:48. XD Best personal time.

Raisu Palace: On my first attempt, Danika got stuck somewhere. I realized this somewhere before the room she should have been blocking off for me. I tried to go back and find her, but after several minutes I couldn't see where the hell she was. Since I wasn't that far along, I just restarted -.- Anyway, second attempt went swimmingly, although I did get killed by an elementalist at some point. Because that's how they roll, apparently.

Imperial Sanctum: Olias ditched his minions and brought Spoil Victor and Shadowsong. plus some more spirits. I left Gwen home, as well as Ogden and Tahlkora. I brought Kai Ying, Devona and Lukas instead. Livia brought Empathy in addition to her SS. I brought Echo, Arcane Echo, and Wastrel's Worry. So, Arcane Echo > Echo > Celestial Storm > Celestial Storm > Celestial Storm > that warrior that spawned from Lukas getting banished just died > Celestial Storm > Celestial Storm > Celestial Storm > WW > WW > oh hey he's dead! Yaaay! I love the celestial skills. :p

And there we go. There goes the Guardian title of the shortest campaign. I really don't look forward to Tyria, or Elona...because they're so long...and especially in Prophecies, tedious...I remember the bonus of Abbadon's Mouth, and I wanted to strangle that stupid ghost woman even though she is already dead. I don't want to bore myself through these! Who wants to do them with me? *cry* Haha.


  1. Sir Jack's Avatar
    The WoC content doesn't affect the areas until you either take the quest or complete it. So if you haven't completed everything of it, it's still doable and even if you have, it's going to be Cho's Estate, Haiju Lagoon and Zen Daijun that will give you problems. Lots and lots of problems.
    If it's just Buhdek Byway, get a run. Chasing Zenmai + Drunken Master means no kills clear the area.

    @Boreas Seabed: yes, the Spear does that. It happens if too many things die within it's range and it reaches level 5, it auto-releases Archemorus and damages all.

    @Sunjiang District: if H/H'ing, ALWAYS take the Spear. In fact, even if you have a human group, still only take the Spear. It charges from your dead minions and spirits very fast and even charges if you dropped it. The Urn doesn't do that well, it'll prevent damage but it takes too long to charge it and it won't charge if it's protecting you since you take 0 damage. You can easily get 7-8 shots off from the Spear and have it charged when you face the constructs, the Urn you'd be lucky to even get 1 shot off unless you run into damage all the time.
  2. Lytha's Avatar
    I never take any of the objects in Sunjiang, because the damage of the spear is not worth the energy issues, the need to loudly ping every target and the lack of the 40/40 set. Never had trouble to get the master's reward anyway.
  3. Nikhera's Avatar
    Sir Jack, I did all of WoC without realizing what it would do to the monster spawns. I already completed Zen Daijun years ago, and Haiju Lagoon would be OK since I can at least expand my team to six people, but Minister Cho's...the quest itself was a nightmare in NM. I'll have to leave it for later. I could totally get a run for Bukdek Byway though. Thanks!

    Lytha, I will definitely ditch the urn from now. XD Not worth it!
  4. Lytha's Avatar
    If you want to attempt NORMAL Minister Cho HM with a team of 3, I'm willing to questmonkey for you. I only screwed up Factions on one of my characters yet, and I've got 19 more (of which not all have access to HM yet though.)

    I don't feel much like vanquishing this areas right now though. That might change, depending on when we do it.

    This is assuming that downscaling the monster spawns to the pre-WoC state is possible indeed.
  5. Nikhera's Avatar
    I heard that if anyone who has attempted the quest is in the party, it'll affect the spawns, except for Bukdey Byway, where Chasing Zenmai and the Drinkmaster Tahmu quests override it. But thanks for the offer, anyways. :)
  6. Lytha's Avatar
    Well, we could try. You know what? I'm going online right now, check for Lytha Nefertari.

    Hm,... you are right, perhaps. It might still depend on the who's party leader (the WoC infected player or a WoC-clean player), but I just ran some tests with Juliania and Baz, and indeed, you can't de-escalate the WoC problem with a party member who does not have touched WoC yet.

    I would dare to say that Scavengers are nastier than the foes during the quest - or just leave this explorable until the stupid dev finally nerfed it into oblivion.
    Updated 28-07-2011 at 21:38 by Lytha
  7. Nikhera's Avatar
    If you want to do some further testing, throw a whisper my way if you see me online. (@ Eloanneo Kirimaya) Sorry about today, I had to head out for groceries after I posted my comment. But I seem to recall reading somewhere that being a party leader vs. not doesn't make a difference. Which would really suck, but there you go.

    For the moment, I am focusing my attention away from titles, and I will come back to them sometimes. (See my tl;dr rambling in my next entry. XD) Maybe I can finish it when Anet releases the rest of WoC XP