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More HoM Progress

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Quick Update.

Didn`t play much for about a week, opting to spend time with my partner who was in town at this time. But since he had plans for the weekend, I farmed some Christmas stuff then. Partly for my own Sweet Tooth points, partly for money. I likely won`t go for both titles, one is enough.

Then I completed War in Kryta, which I enjoyed. Will attempt it in Hard Mode...some time. But considering that it was challenging enough in normal mode, I really don`t feel like doing this for a while. Or without a guild group. I have enough Medals of Honor for two weapons, just not sure what I want yet. Or for which characters. I have my Elementalist, Monk, Ranger and Assassin. What Oppressor skins do you guys like, and which ones did you get?

Anyhow. I also did Winds of Change. I think that was a mistake because apparently, it permanently replaces the mobs in Minister Cho's Estate with insanely crazy supermobs. The kind of mobs that do such terrible things to you, even your ancestors are begging for mercy. And seeing as I'm trying to do the vanquishing thing here...yeah.

Speaking of that, it's going along swimmingly. In the span of two days, I am sitting at 13/33 areas, which is impressive, considering my pace for Elona. For one thing, the maps are slightly smaller. Also, the mobs are much easier, holy crap! What were you thinking, Elona?

Apparently, I had Zen Daijun finished from years ago. I don't remember doing it. I was thinking, maybe I had my partner help me with the crane trick, but that doesn't work if a Proph character is present. So I must've done it manually, right? Anyway, it's done and it doesn't matter.

So these are the areas I did:

  • Saoshang Trail - Took about six minutes.
  • Shadow's Passage - a minute or two. Yay!
  • Tahnnakai Temple
  • Xaquang Skyway
  • All of the Luxon Sea. Didn't run into much trouble. Wiped a couple times overall - usually due to an Ele boss that didn't quite fall with PI. Overall, no mobs were troublesome. Rhea's Crater is a maze and makes me mad. Gyala Hatchery is just way too big! I lost a mob or two and had to run around looking for them. I amazingly enough, also completed Charting the Jade Sea. Will turn the quests in for exp for Survivor later. :3

I will do Pongmei Valley after this, starting from Boreas for the Luxon bounty. I have made about 13k so far from this, plus a pile of Jadeite shards. I lost some money on lockpicks. I kept getting stupid purple drops. So not worth it! I will save my lockpicks for EotN, where I can actually expect inscribable weapons, you know?

After that, get the Echovald Forest all done. Then the cardboard city, ugly parts first. (Shenzun Tunnels, Sunjiang District) Then Nahpui Quarter, Bukdek Byway and Wajjun Bazaar, then Imperial Sanctum. Then Shing Jea.

I'm leaving the Estate for last because I'm scared. TT_TT The Silent Surf was unchanged by the quest, but Shadow's Passage was. And the new skill bars for the Jade Brotherhood hurt me. Pretty badly. :/ Here's hoping that they change it in time, and if not, that I can slog through it.

In terms of HoM, Eloanneo had charmed a Phoenix ages ago, so I dragged it with me on my HM adventures to level it up, and then registered it in the HoM. I also registered MoX. Then I registered my Assassin's Black Moa, and my ranger's Lioness. So that's a few more points!

I also managed to finish another drawing for the commissions I'm doing at Guru. Hopefully, when I finish the last three (but one is small, so like two and a half) I will get another set of armour. Just not sure who I should reward now. I've hardly been playing my alts.

Anyway, that's that. Will keep doing the vanquishing thing, a couple areas a day, and get it done!


  1. Lytha's Avatar
    WiK weapons: I dislike the focus item; it's some stupid horn instrument. Norgu does not complain, but it just looks like rubbish.

    The staff is vaguely nice, and so is the wand. I haven't seen the rest.

    Unless you touch WoC, which you shouldn't, the Minister's Estate is just another explorable on the newbie island. Small groups of lowly HM leveled afflicted, some pathetic animals who like to Frenzy or something - no harm done. Just don't touch Winds of Change until you've vanquished newbie island and the entire rest of Cantha.
  2. satenia's Avatar
    Personally I like the "red glow" effect on the WiK weapons a lot on melee variants, I have the daggers on my assassin and they look nicely enough. Absolutely love the sword/shield, but the chars you listed are likely not suitable for these.

    Haven't really bothered with any caster weapons...
  3. Nikhera's Avatar
    See, that's the thing, Lytha - I just finished everything that there was in WoC XD Though not in HM. When I started, I didn't know it affected mobs. I figured when I finished the active quest it would go back to normal. And I'm not 100% sure which areas are affected and how. Like I said, Shadow's Passage had Jade Brotherhood with new skillbars. :<

    I like the wand, too! It's cute! Not sure what it would look like on my ele though. I don't like the focus item, either. XD

    Thanks Satenia. My monk likes to run around with a shield sometimes (Tengu Spear + Exalted Aegis - I love these skins!) so maybe I can get her that combo. My assassin wouldn't mind new daggers, wither. (I have like 25 Medals of Honor so a few more bounties and I guess another weapon should be doable :D)
  4. Lytha's Avatar
    Oh. That's a problem then.
  5. Nikhera's Avatar
    Oh noooo. XD What am I going to do? It was freaking hard in NM! I wiped several times on the first mob and restarted about four times. But when I did it in the last try it was smooth. Not sure if what I did will cut it for HM though. What's worse, the mobs during the quest, or the mobs that spawn after? (The Scavengers?)
  6. upier's Avatar
    If you find a sucker, that hasn't started WoC yet, to tag along - you'll load pre-WoC foes.
    That might help with some of the harder areas.